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Four Peaks Brewing To Introduce New "Single Tank" Beers
Posted Thursday, March 13th, 2014 by Tip Top
New, Different and Experimental Beer Styles In The Works
TEMPE, ARIZONA - March 12th, 2014 - With our Wilson location turning itself up to 11 in terms of production, we've found some occasional tank space here at the Mothership. So, because nature abhors an empty fermenter (or something like that), we're going to let the creative juices flow! Whenever we can find a single empty fermenter, we're going to try and fill it with something new; it may be new to us, it may be new to you, or it may be new to everyone.  

We're calling it the Single Tank Series. Other than that, we don't really have a plan yet. We know, don't act surprised, but that's the beauty of it: find an empty tank and fill it with something out of the ordinary. Because our fermenters work hard (and are on no particular timeline other than "all the time"), the Single Tank beers won't come out regularly...there might be two in one month, or there might be one in two months. We'll use the power of the interwebs to keep you posted on when they come on draft at our pubs.

What we do know is that the first Single Tank beer will be...wait for it...a White IPA! White IPAs are a hybrid that combines the coriander and orange peel goodness of a Belgian Wit with the bracing hoppiness of an IPA. It's getting to be a popular style out there, but, like we said, it's new to us. For you die-hards who haven't punished your livers enough, look for the Single Tank White IPA on tap the day after St. Patrick's Day (March 18th). Might as well keep the party rollin', right? In the near future, look for a Single Tank Saison. We're currently gathering the ingredients and will send details out soon.

Here's to keeping it fresh! Cheers!
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