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Tallgrass Brewing Releases Zombie Monkie on Unsuspecting Public
Posted Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 by Tip Top
Tallgrass Zombie MonkieA Post-Apocalyptic Porter from Tallgrass Brewing Co.
Tallgrass Brewing Company is fearless when it comes to branding their beers, like Buffalo Sweat, Ethos, Velvet Rooster, and 8-Bit Pale Ale. Their newest beer is no exception and embraces the zombie-mania sweeping the country.
Zombie Monkie: A Post-Apocalyptic Robust Porter, the latest seasonal offering from the Midwest brewery, will begin rolling out to selected markets the week of September 23rd. 

The new beer will be equipped with the world's first textured "Tactical Grip" on the side of the can. This feature ensures that drinkers keep a steady grip on the beer as they flee from infected primates. 
While the name of the beer and the design of the can are all about the undead, what's inside the can is completely alive with character. 

"We have been talking about brewing a porter since we started the brewery in 2007, but it had to be something special and this is it," said Tallgrass Founder, Jeff Gill. 

Zombie Monkie is brewed with a chocolatey combination of roasted and kilned malts. This gives the beer a full body with lots of chocolate and espresso-like flavors. Bravo, Willamette, and Nugget hops add hints of floral and citrus to finish off this complex porter. 

"I dreamed this beer into existence," said Tallgrass Brewmaster, Andrew Hood. "I dreamed I was drinking a beer in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The beer was dark and delicious, the kind you want for the end of days. It was also interesting and robust, which is good, because it might be your last. That's Zombie Monkie, the perfect beer for toasting the end of humanity."
Zombie Monkie's can claims the beer was "inspired by approximately true events." The brewery plans to reveal details of this incident in a series of on-line videos to be released in the coming weeks. The brewery has just posted a teaser trailer for the series that has already been view by more than a 1000 fans.Tallgrass's Twitter followers are also tracking the impending "ZomPocalypse" with the hashtag: #ZOMKIE 
Zombie Monkie will be brewed and distributed until late October...or until the extinction of humanity, whichever comes first. 


Tallgrass Brewing Company was started in Manhattan, Kansas, in 2007, by Jeff Gill and his wife, Tricia. In May of 2010 Tallgrass declared its "Canifesto" and began packaging exclusively in 16oz cans. Tallgrass's mainline beers include: Pub Ale, Buffalo Sweat Stout, Oasis, Velvet Rooster, 8-Bit Pale Ale, and Ethos IPA. Tallgrass Beers are available in cans and on tap in 13 states.

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