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Half Acre Tomten and Callow Knife
Posted Monday, January 7th, 2013 by Tip Top

Half Acre Tomten(Chicago, IL) - The Half Acre blog announced a couple more releases for the brewery.  Here's the scoop...



“Deep in the grip of the midwinter cold
The stars glitter and sparkle.
All are asleep on this lonely farm,
Deep in the winter night.
The pale white moon is a wanderer,
snow gleams white on pine and fir,
snow gleams white on the roofs.
The tomte alone is awake.”

-excerpt from “Tomten”, a poem by Viktor Rydberg, 1881.

The staff here at Half Acre Beer Company was tasked with creating a beer that we’d all like to drink. Many different styles, names, and label concepts were pitched, but the one that stuck was Tomten. A fruity aroma atop a sweet 6.5% ABV amber base, Tomten suits an evening of staring at the stars over top a snow covered landscape, farm or city. Tomten will be released on Friday, January 11th in both bottle and growler form. Bottles of Tomten will run you $8.99 each, $15 for a 64 ounce growler, $9 for a 32 ounce growler (+4 for a new jar). We’ll also have a firkin of Tomten with cardamom pouring in the tap room on release day.

Half Acre Callow KnifeCALLOW KNIFE

Also on the upcoming release docket, we haveCallow Knife, a refreshing, hop-forward pale ale making its return. With “hops that could sink a ship“, Callow Knife is a juicy beast that we’re excited to welcome back into the fold. This 4.2% ABV drinker will be released on Wednesday, January 9th in both the brewery and tap room. It is draft only, $14 per 64 ounce growler and $8 per 32 ounce growler.


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