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Block 15's Super Nebula 2011 Release
Posted Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 by James Kitchens

(Corvallis, OR) - Block 15 has set the release date for their 2011 Super Nebula for February 4th. Actually, it is currently on tap at the brewpub, so that release date is for bottle sales. Much more detail below...

From the Block 15 website:

Super Nebula 2011

Our 2011 release of Super Nebula is the third rendition of the brew. In 2009 we matured 50% of Super Nebula in 23 yr old barrels and blended back in the other 50%.

2010 was 100% matured 3 months in 10 & 11 yr. old barrels. To add more depth we matured the batch on fresh roasted cocoa nibs from Papua New Guinea. The nibs, as advertised, added complex notes of cocoa, wood, and smoky bacon. At first I absolutely loved this beer. The bourbon was evident and backed up by the huge malt complexity and nib character. Though, several glasses later, over the course of the month I found the bacon smoke element detracting from the overall experience. We also found that Super Nebula really matured and hits its stride around 5 months after we released it, making for a wonderful July beverage.

With knowledge gained from the first two batches we again fired up Super Nebula. In March of 2011 I was notified of some very rare Buffalo Trace barrels dating 1989, 1991, & 1993. I took the opportunity and had them shipped right away. Thus we brewed Super Nebula again, but several months earlier than the previous year. This extra time is just what we were looking for to give the beer an opportunity to mature. As we were happy with the previous vintages overall, we kept the grain and hop bill the same: Maris Otter Pale, Special B, 135/165, chocolate, roast, pale chocolate, black patent, and a touch of clear candi sugar.

In December we tasted each barrel and began blending. At this time I went in search of the perfect cocoa nib. For those interested, my source is Chocolate Alchemy out of Eugene. This guy is as passionate about chocolate as I am about beer. Picking the correct nib is of extreme importance to the beer. I selected Dominican Republic “Conacado” cocoa nibs for their luscious earthy, rum, and blackberry character. We receive them raw and roast them in house the day before adding the nibs to the beer.

Now bottled and kegged , our Super Nebula 2011 is ready for your enjoyment. Normally, I’m not one to talk up our beers too much as it is expected from the brewer. But I must say that in my opinion, for my taste, Super Nebula 2011 is one of the top 5 beers to ever come from our brewery, if not the top. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Where to Find: Now on Tap at our Pub! Bottles will be sold February 4th at our Pub $15.95/750 ml Corked & Caged. The only other place bottles will be sold is at our official PDX release at The Hop & Vine

Limited draught will be available outside our pub in the next couple weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a list of fine beer establishments we will sell to.

Nick & The Block 15 Brewing Team

Ironically, as I write this I have received word that 20yr old Pappy Van Winkle Barrels will be sent to our brewery for Super Nebula 2012!

Link to information on Block 15 website

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