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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale In Cans? Youbetcha!
Posted Saturday, January 14th, 2012 by James Kitchens

snpa cans(Chico, CA) - Sierra Nevada has a Facebook update about the release of their Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in cans. They also note that their Torpedo Extra IPA will also be released in cans. No exact date is mentioned, but they note that the release will be happening "across the country in the coming months". More detials below....

From the Sierra Nevada Facebook update:

"Why Cans?

By now you’ve probably seen the picture of the new Sierra Nevada Pale Ale can! We didn’t mean to spring that on you, but we just got so excited, and well… every cell phone has a camera these days!

We’re thrilled that our new aluminum buddies will be making their way through the time honored process of can conditioning, and out into the world to your grocer’s fridge. We’ve seen your comments, and would like to let you know, just why the heck we put beer in cans…

The chief reason we canned up is portability, out there in the big, wide world. We want to be able to take our beer with us. Now we can… and so can you! (pun intended) Cans are lighter than glass, durable, and hold up well in backpacks, coolers, rafts and other places out there on the dusty trail.

But what about the taste, you might be asking? The flavor of our beer is our number one priority here at Sierra Nevada, you can bet your last nickel that we won’t compromise that! The beer never comes in contact with the metal from the can. All cans have a special liner that keeps the beer away from the aluminum. For the best flavor, beer should be consumed from style appropriate glassware no matter what container it comes in.

Additionally, we taste-test extensively here on site (as one might imagine, there are no shortage of volunteers for this task!) and it is impossible for our trained tasting panel to tell the difference between the bottle and can beer. It’s the same Pale Ale you know and love… it loves you too, by the way.

And hey, here’s a bonus you might not know, cans cool down faster! So yes, less of a time barrier between you and your lovely Pale Ale.

And if you’re still reading, you know it wouldn’t be Sierra Nevada if we didn’t get a little science-y on you… Cans are great protectors of beer. They’re light-tight so beer won’t get skunky, and they’re less likely to be exposed to oxygen which can destroy beer flavor.

And last but not least, cans are 100% recyclable. Nearly all recycled aluminum stays right here in the USA. We keep our eye on the environment, in fact, as a company, through recycling and re-use, Sierra Nevada is able to divert more than 99% of its waste from landfills.

And hey, if you’re still not sold, keep enjoying your beer in bottles, those aren’t going away! If you’ve got more questions, we’ve got more answers, feel free to email us at, and we’ll discuss.

Pale Ale and Torpedo Extra IPA will be the first Sierra Nevada beer to be put into cans. They will be available across the country in the coming months! Pale Ale will be in 12-packs of 12 ounce cans and Torpedo will be in 4-packs of 16 ounce cans."

Link to Sierra Nevada Facebook post


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