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Ipswich Brewing's Next Beer In 5-Mile Series
Posted Saturday, January 21st, 2012 by James Kitchens

ipswich logo(Ipswich, MA) - Ipswich Brewing has an update on their website about the next beer in their 5-Mile Series. In the post, they have an interview with the Head Of Brewing, Dan Lipke. The beer will be called Pumpernickel Rye Porter. More details about the new beer (including a lable picture) are below...

From the Ipswich website:

Talking Beer

To welcome in the New Year, we are brewing the next beer in the 5-Mile series.  I sat down with Head of Brewing, Dan Lipke, to find out about this beer.  Well, we didn't actually sit.  I stood and filled kegs and Dan used the forklift to bring glass into the bottling area.  So, I guess, technically, Dan was sitting.  Either way, here is the result of our conversation.


BrewMaster (BM): How do YOU create a beer recipe?

Dan Lipke (DL): First, I figure out what style I want to brew and what flavor profile that has.  I also consider if there are any special ingredients that I want to or need to use.  Everything else comes off of that.  I have been brewing for twenty years, so if you name a style I can come up with a recipe.  The key ingredient is the yeast and how it is handled.  It imparts more flavor than people realize.  My main goal is balance.  Different styles have different balancing points. It is the job of the brewer to find it.


BM: So what will the next 5-Mile series beer?

DL: It is going to be a rye porter. The official name is Pumpernickel Rye Porter.  I have my own name, but I am not allowed to share it at this point.


BM: I won't ask. What inspired you to craft this beer?

DL: It started with the rye.  I thought about rye bread and then pumpernickel bread.  We tasted a bunch of different breads and they were all very malty and most were quite dark.  Since we planned on brewing this beer in the winter time, I figured a dark rye beer would be unique.


BM: What is the 5-Mile ingredient for this beer?

DL: Well, the rye was grown in Ipswich and harvested with the Ipswich Ale Combine.  All of the rye and a majority of the base malt was also malted at Valley Malt.


BM: How did the beer evolve from initial concept to brew day?

DL: For the test batch, I used a Belgian yeast strain to emulate the traditional sour mash for pumpernickel bread.  The resulting beer was a bit too interesting and too chalky.  I liked the underlying flavor of the malt, so I am going to use a more neutral yeast, which will make the beer more of a Baltic porter.


BM: I think I can guess, but what exactly is a Baltic porter?

DL: Yeah, it is was it sounds like. A dark ale or lager from northern Europe, traditionally a bit stronger than English porters, but ours will use a noticeable percentage of rye.


BM: When will it to be ready?

DL: If all goes well, it should be ready by the end of January.  People should start seeing it in stores beginning in February.


BM: What should drinkers expect from this beer?

DL: It should be complex.  Some roast and dark chocolate from the dark malts and chocolate rye.  Sweet from the Cara Bohemian malt and a spicy, dryness from the rye.


BM: What are you looking for out of this beer?

DL: I just want it to be interesting.  That is the point of this whole series of beers.  To brew something interesting.  But in the end, I want something that I would like to drink.


BM: Can this beer be consumed fresh or should buyers let it age a bit?

DL: The alcohol will be a bit higher, seven to eight percent, so a little aging wouldn't hurt it, but fresh is almost always better.


BM: What else can be expected out of the 5-Mile series this year?

DL: The only one being actively discussed is a corn bock, made with Ipswich grown corn.  There are some logistical issues to deal with before that gets made though.  There is also some wheat that will be grown locally, so possibly a hefe or a saison.  No matter what beer we come up with, a theme ingredient will be chosen and a beer will be designed and brewed around that.

There you have it.  Pumpernickel Rye Porter coming out towards the end of January.  I hope you are as excited to try it as I am.  Once it comes out, drop us a line and let us know what you think.  Use the beer finder on our website to help in your search and if you have trouble locating it, ask your local package store, give us a call or drop us a line here and we will try to work our magic.  Thanks for reading and I will see you here next time.

Link to information on the Ipswich website

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