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Jackie O's Release Details, Taplist & More
Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 by James Kitchens

Jackie Os Oil of Aphrodite(Athens, OH) - Jackie O's Brewery has released the taplist and other information for their August 27th release date. The beers that are being released are: Brandy Barrel Superfly, Oil of Aphrodite, Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite, Dynamo Hum, Funky South Paw. Details are below...

From the Jackie O's website:

8/27 release details… Taplist!

Here are all of the important details about the release coming up on Saturday August 27th.

Tickets will be placed outside early in the morning (4am-ish) of the 27th.  The “tickets” will be tear-away calendar pages.  Take your page and return to your car, hotel, or venture to Fluff Bakery if it is after 7am for breakfast and bottle sharing.

The Public House will open at 9am for breakfast and brews.  The bottle sale will start at 11am on the Public House side.  You can bring bottles into the Public House but, keep it to a minimum.  Help the wait staff out by putting empty bottles or unused glass ware out of the way of what you are currently tasting/using.  They will gladly remove what ever is done.  They are not trying to steal your snifter or a empty bottle that you would like to take home, they are only trying to keep your table clean and comfortable.  If you are done at a table and choose to leave or travel to the brewery for more beer, please let the wait staff know so that they can clear your table for another group to sit down.  There will be an initial wait after you are seated, due to the amount of people that arrive for the release.  It is a difficult task to get food, tasters, and beer in front of everyone at once.  Be patient and we will do our best to get your orders to you in a timely fashion. They Brewery will open at noon and will feature many different brews on draft from the public house.  If you venture over to the brewery before you have your bottles, be aware that we will pass over your number if you are not present.  Best bet is to have someone get you tasters/beers from the brewery side until your number/date is called.

Last release, we had some issues with people grabbing multiple numbers in the early morning, and then using all numbers during the sale after doing a quick change of shirt/hat after each usage.  DO NOT TRY THIS AGAIN.  Grab ONE (1) number.  If the amount of people present permits a second sale I will advise you to keep your number, after the initial sale is over we will go back through the calendar for the second sale.  We will also be watching every one to ensure that no one “works the system.”  These events are about sharing, having a fun time, meeting people, and celebrating beer.  Don’t ruin it by trying to get double/triple allotments, that will leave another beer lover empty handed.  If we do catch someone, the will be removed from the premises and barred from future releases.  Just play by the rules and everything will be awesome!

Here are the beers that will be for sale…

Brandy Barrel Superfly ~325 bottles – $16/bottle – 2 bottle limit

Oil of Aphrodite ~ 325 bottles – $14/bottle – 2 bottle limit

Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite ~200 bottles -$18/bottle – 1 bottle limit

Dynamo Hum ~ 200 bottles – $18/bottle -1 bottle limit

Funky South Paw ~ 200 bottles – $14/ bottle – 1 bottle limit

As we have done before, we will sell ALL of the bottles to ensure that everyone goes home with something.  If there are more than 200 people that arrive, it will be impossible to put the “new releases” in to everyones hands but I will do my best to pull from our cellar to ensure that no leaves Athens without a bottle or two or 10.  There will be a few growler fills at this event.  We have been extremely busy and I am stretched so thin that the majority of the offerings are 15 gallons or less.  I apologize about the lack of growler fills for this event, but I assure you there will be a lot to try while you are here.

There will be some new shirts for sale, along with older shirts as well.  Logo pints and tulips will be for sale.  Hats, and growler coozies will be sold too.  We take cash and credit.

Here is the tap list….

Oil of Aphrodite
Brandy Barrel Super Fly 9%abv $2/6 imperial amber ale aged in brandy barrels for 8 months.
Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite
Dynamo Hum 6% $3 (4oz only) Cabernet barrel aged framboise
Razz Wheat
Mystic Mama IPA
Shade Abbey (Growlers)
Dark Apparition
Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition 2011
Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition 2010 $3(4oz only)
Brandy Barrel Dark Apparition
Imperial Porter
Shade Of Brandy
Barking Pumpkin
Barking Pumpkin Nitro $1/4 Served on nitro
Firefly (growlers)
Chomolungma (growlers)
Hogwash 5.2%abv $1/4* smoked ale brewed with lavender and local maple syrup

Oil of Aphrodite
Chocolate Cherry $2/6 Infused with organic coco nibs and cherries
Chocolate Mint $2/6 infused with organic coco nibs and organic chocolate mint
Vanilla $2/6 Infused with organic vanilla beans
Coffee $2/6 infused with locally roasted coffee “Dawn Chorus”
Nitro $2/6 served on nitrogen
Drawn and Portered
Drawn and Portered Nitro $1/4* served on nitro.
Mystic Mama IPA
Shade Abbey (Growlers)
Firefly (growlers)
Brown Recluse
Cab Cherryman
Bolero Brown
Bee Keeper
Barking Pumpkin
Single Hop Cascade 3.5 %abv $1/3.5* golden ale brewed with cascade hops
Kentucky Monk

Cheers, Brad

Link to information on Jackie O's website

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