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Beer News at TheBeerSpot - May 2012 Archives

Notch Brewing's Tafelbier
Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 by James Kitchens

tafelbier logo(Ipswich, MA) - Notch Brewing has a blog post regarding their new Tafelbier. According to the post, the beer is "a Belgian influenced table beer of 2.8% ABV that relies on subtlety and created with a pretty simple idea in mind – a refreshing yet interesting thirst quencher for the heat and extended activities of summer." More details are below...

From the Notch Brewing blog:

Notch Tafelbier

I already get the fair share of quizzical looks with my beers (”No IPA?!”), and the new Tafelbier will ensure that continues. This is a Belgian influenced table beer of 2.8% ABV that relies on subtlety and created with a pretty simple idea in mind – a refreshing yet interesting thirst quencher for the heat and extended activities of summer.

I kayak all the time in the summer, and I like to pack beer for lunch and breaks along the way. Kayaking is no time to be drunk, really, but having some beers along the way is FUN. Yes, beer can still be fun! Notch Tafelbier is exactly the beer for that time – light bodied, yet tasty, and perfectly acceptable to be pulled from cooler ice cold and consumed right out of the bottle. I also like to spend long days barbequing in the yard – real wood smoked barbeque, the 4 to 12 hour marathon ordeals – where you gauge the addition of more wood or charcoal with each beer you’ve consumed. If you have a pork shoulder to attend to, a 2.8% beer is your friend for the day (and night). I’m sure you have some summer rituals or activities that Notch Tafelbier could help you extend?

The history of Tafelbier (Table Beer) is a fun one. It is a Belgian lower ABV beer consumed by families at meal time, including children. Unlike the US, parents in Belgium were able to introduce their children to drinking beer in the home at a fairly early age. Table beer over time was replaced by sugary sodas, and many blame the more rotund children on the disappearance of table beer. You can debate the merits of the approach on your own, but this style of beer is just another example of lower ABV beers that we have ignored in the US, and Notch is here to represent yet another.

I know, many people will not get it. They’ll scratch their head and move on. Or, they’ll loudly tweet as much. But for those of you who understand beer is about the moment, here’s a great beer for those moments that last just a bit longer in summertime. Really, try it. If you’ve never consumed a few beers of 2.8% ABV over a period of time, you won’t understand how it can fit the moment and extend the good times.

And a bit of a tangent here, but people always ask me what temps to drink my beer, or what glass works with what style. I have my personal preferences, but that doesn’t require you to follow them. To each his own. But with the Tafelbier, I suggest you break convention with most of the craft beer dogma about serving temps, drinking vessels and such. Drinking straight from the bottle out of an icy cold cooler is perfectly acceptable, as is drinking it from a chilled mug from the freezer. No beer police will summons you, or question your beer geek cred. Have fun, there’s always plenty of time for serious beer contemplation later.

So what about the beer, the specs, the deets? It all seems a little showy for such a modest beer, so this will be quick – Belgian and Canadian malt, European hops (Saaz and Styrian Goldings), and Belgian yeast. The yeast provides a slight refreshing tartness, while the hops are the subtle and classic European variety. About a pound per barrel of hops, of which 75% were for dry-hopping, and this will certainly mislead you. These hops do not dominate the beer nor overwhelm with bitterness, but they just sit there in the background, reminding you they are there to help the dry, refreshing finish. Sorry, that last bit got showy.

Anyway, go out and have fun with this beer, and look forward to the dog days!

Link to Notch Brewing information

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Green Flash San Diego Beer Series Release Party
Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 by James Kitchens

green flash logo(Vista, CA) - Green Flash Brewing will be releasing their "new line of San Diego beers". The date of the release party is Tuesday, June 26th. Details are below...

From the Green Flash website:

San Diego Beer Series Release Party

Tuesday, June 26th

We are proud to annouce our new line of San Diego beers!  For the first time ever, we will be bottling 30th Street Pale Ale, Park West Porter, and East Village Pilsner.  The beers will be available for purchase in 12 oz. bottles by the case only.  You can find the cases for retail out of the Tasting Room! 

To kick off this momentous event, we will be hosting a San Diego Beers Release Party on Tuesday, June 26th from 3pm - 9pm.  In addition to tapping the new line of beers, we will be running a COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE to and from South Park, North Park and Normal Heights.  Hop on the bus at any of the three stops: Hamilton's Tavern, Toronado, and Blind Lady Ale House.

Link to Green Flash information

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Lost Abbey News
Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 by James Kitchens

lost abbey(San Marcos, CA) - The Lost Abbey has an update on their website about the lifting of restrictions on their tasting room. Details and more news are below...

From the Lost Abbey website:

Tasting Room Restrictions Lifted

Due in no small part we’re sure, to the pleadings and prayers of the Abbey faithful, the temporary restrictions placed upon us have been lifted while we adjust our space in order to please the powers that be.

To celebrate our restored freedom, please join us this weekend as we welcome all of our friends and family in with a full tap list, food trucks both Saturday and Sunday, Brewery tours on Saturday and perhaps a special tap or two. And, as a very special treat, on Saturday (5/26) at 1:00, we will release a limited amount of bottles of Track 3, a blend of two pale sour beers inspired by AC/DC’s anthem Hell’s Bells. Normal on-premise rules will apply and there will be no lottery ticket associated with this special release. In addition, a similar amount of Track 5, our homage to Motley Crüe’s 1983 hit “Shout at the Devil” will be available and all normal rules (including lottery) will apply.

Extended hours will remain in effect through Monday, Memorial Day and we look forward to celebrating our restored freedom together!

Link to Lost Abbey information

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AC Golden Brewing Company's Sour Beers
Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 by James Kitchens

full pint logo(Golden, CO) - From The Full Pint website, we get an update about AC Golden's sour beers. A clip from the article is below...

From The Full Pint post:

AC Golden Sour Beers Now Available In Limited Quantities

AC Golden Brewing Company’s Peche and Apricot sour beers will arrive tomorrow (Friday, May 25) in limited quantities at Mile High Wine and Spirits in Lakewood, Colo.

Read more of the article HERE.


Link to The Full Pint's blog post


Stone's Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA Party
Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 by James Kitchens

(Escondido, CA) - Stone Brewing has an update about their upcoming Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA Party. The date is Sunday, June 10th. More details will apparently be "coming soon".

From the Stone Brewing website:

Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA Party
at Henry's Pub

Stone Ruination IPA is 10 years old this year, and we're throwing one hell of a birthday party! We're returning to the first bar in San Diego to ever pour this gorgeous hop monster for an awesome night of brews, food, music, and a lot more! Plus, we'll be debuting the amped-up Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA, which is jam-packed with an even healthier than usual dose of hop glory, utilizing a blend of Citra and Centennial in the dry hop!

More details to come soon, but here's just a taste:

  • Guest appearances by CEO & Co-Founder Greg Koch and Brewmaster Mitch Steele
  • Five taps of special Stone IPA and Stone Ruination IPA
  • Food pairings with dishes created just for this momentous occasion
  • Limited-run Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA glasses and T-shirts on sale


ruination party

Link to information on Stone Brewing website

Tagged: Stone Brewing Company