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Boulder Sourfest June 8th
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:41:52 PM »
 :excited: Pour list for (Avery) Boulder Sourfest

Brewery & Home State Beer & Description ABV
1 AC Golden Brewing CO Peche- Golden sour aged with fresh Palisade peaches 5.60%
2 AC Golden Brewing CO Troy's Blend- The beer formally known as Colorambic. Lambic-style 5.70%
3 AC Golden Brewing CO Berliner Weisse- Our first attempt at a Berliner Weisse...tart and tangy, conditioned with brett 3.50%
4 AC Golden Brewing CO Plum Sour- Golden sour aged with fresh Palisade plums, 2 pounds per gallon beer 6%
5 Allagash Brewing ME Allagash Midnight Brett- Ale Aged in Oak Wine Barrels 7.30%
6 Asher Brewing Company CO Eaux-de-Vie- Aged in 50 year old Coniac Barrels for a year and a half. Enjoy, slowly 11%
7 Avery Brewing CO Miscellus- Project from our Homebrewer Club! 12 brewers, 5-gallon batches, one wine barrel 8%
8 Avery Brewing CO Bad Apple- Pale Belgian sour in oak barrels for 1 yr w/Granny Smith apples for last 6 months 6%
9 Avery Brewing CO Bolder Weisse- Homage to 19th century Berliner Weisses; bretts, sour, aged in oak for 6 months 4.50%
10 Avery Brewing CO Eremita I- First in our Tap Room-only sour series: 3 different beers, 10 different barrels 9%
11 Avery Brewing CO Eremita II- Second in our Tap Room-only series; blonde sour with peach and apricot 10.10%
12 Avery Brewing CO Fifteen Anniversary Ale- 100% Brett fermented in steel with hibiscus, white pepper, and figs 7.68%
13 Avery Brewing CO Immitis- Merciless dark sour blended from 11 first-use Zin barrels 9.50%
14 Avery Brewing CO Ross's Mom- Blended red sour ale as saucy and sour as the lady herself 9%
15 Avery Brewing CO Volunt Plus Erat- Massive lactic acid interplay w/Cabernet Franc grape must; aged 14 mos. in Zinfandel barrels 10.43%
16 Avery Brewing/New Belgium Brewing CO 3rd Annual Sourfest Blend- Dark sour ale, hints of apple whiskey, cherry, and awesomeness 7%
17 Boulevard Brewing MO Terra Incognita- 45% foudre-aged, 30% Templeton aged, 25% fresh dry-hopped, brett added 8.50%
18 Boulevard Brewing MO Love Child #3- Majority oak-aged, lactobacillus, very tart, short-lived sour, dry oaky finish 9.50%
19 Cascade Barrel Warehouse OR Manhattan Northwest Style Ale- Bourbon Barrel-Aged blonde sour with cherries and noyaux 11.50%
20 Cascade Barrel Warehouse OR Noyaux- Port Barrel-Aged blonde sour with with raspberries and noyaux 8.94%
21 Cascade Barrel Warehouse OR Vlad the Imp Aler- Bourbon Barrel-Aged spiced blonde quad sour 10.91%
22 Cascade Barrel Warehouse OR The Vine- Barrel aged blonde sour ale with white grapes 8.85%
23 COOP Ale Works OK Wild Wheat Wine Ale- Wild yeast and 150 pounds of alfalfa honey 9.50%
24 Crabtree Brewing CO Ottow-Bahn Saison- A unique blend of a German style Berliner Weisse, a French style Saison, Belgain trappist yeast and American-made cider 8.30%
25 Crabtree Brewing CO Frambo- Rambo rocked this Frambo. Aged in oak with Raspberries 6%
26 Crazy Mountain Brewery CO Blame it on the Boil- Sour mash pale ale brewed with trappist yeast 6%
27 Crooked Stave CO Nightmare on Brett Grand Cru- Aged in our favorite Leopold Bros Whiskey/Rye Barrels 9.67%
28 Crooked Stave CO Origins Grand Cru- Aged in our Favorite Leopolds Bros Whisky/Rye Barrels 6.50%
29 Crooked Stave CO Dry Hopped L'Brett D'or- Dry Hopped with Exp. Hop 369 and Simcoe 6.50%
30 Crooked Stave CO Petite Sour with Hibiscus and Cinnamon- Leopolds Apple & Peach Whiskey barrel aged 4.50%
31 Crooked Stave CO Nightmare on Brett-Brandy- Aged in 30 year old Brandy Barrels 9.67%
32 Crooked Stave CO Waelz Blood- Aged in NBB Love barrels with CO Peaches and Hibiscus 7.50%
33 Firestone Walker Brewing Co. CA Lil Opal- Deep garnet color from three years of oak aging, deep nutty oak aroma, vanilla, and slight woody caramel flavors 4.70%
34 Funkwerks CO Leuven- Berliner Weisse inspired historical saison. Refreshingly tart flavor and aroma. 3.20%
35 Funkwerks CO Saison d'Brett- Saison and Brettanomyces yeasts add notes of pineapple and earthy spice 7.40%
36 Grand Teton Brewing ID Oud Bruin- Aged 6 months in Stainless Steel with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus 6%
37 Great Divide Brewing CO Saison Brauer- Dry, slightly fruity, mild tartness, gentle brett/funk character 7.30%
38 Grimm Brothers Brewhouse CO Farmers Wild Daughter- Our traditional Oktoberfest aged 18 months on Brett infused Barrels 7%
39 Grimm Brothers Brewhouse CO Once Upon a Time III- Fermented with a historic ale yeast & barrel-aged for 9 mos. w/a blend of Brett Brux Trois & Lactobacillus Delbruikii 5%
40 Jester King TX Viking Metal- Brewed w/smoked malt, juniper and Myrica gale & aged in gin barrels w/wild yeast and souring bacteria 7.40%
41 Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales MI La Roja- An American Sour Ale aged in oak barrels & blended from the oak barrels ranging in age from 6 months to 2 years. 7.20%
42 Mountain Sun Pub CO Golden Valley- Brewed in a similar fashion as Orval, this beer is dry w/ slight notes of cherry pie from the secondary brett ferm 6.40%
43 Mountain Sun Pub CO Brett Stoudt- Stout finished with 2 brett strains in 2nd use bourbon barrel, w/notes of pineapple, cherry pie, & oak 6.60%
44 Mountain Sun Pub CO Saison del Barrio- Collaboration w/Iron Hill in Maple Shade, NJ. Dark saison with lacto & brett and blended w/4 y.o. Flemish red 6.40%
45 New Belgium Brewing CO Oscar-Worthy Coffee- Cold-pressed Costa Rican City Roast from Bean Cycle blended with Sour Oscar 6%
46 New Belgium Brewing CO La Folie- Sour Brown Ale 7%
47 New Belgium Brewing CO Transatlantique Kriek- Collboration with Frank Boon and New Belgium 8%
48 New Belgium Brewing CO Le Terroir- Felix dry hopped with amarillo and citra 7%
49 New Belgium Brewing CO Ooh La Leopold Stout- Sour Raspberry Stout in a Blackberry Whiskey Barrel 10%
50 New Belgium Brewing/Avery Brewing CO NBB/Avery Blend #2- Easy-drinking blonde sour, hints of peach whiskey, big lactic acid, and awesomeness 5.50%
51 NOLA Brewing LA Black & Blue Liason- Saison/Lambic combo, barrel aged with blueberries & blackberries added 7%
52 NOLA Brewing LA Sinners & Saints- Belgain Dubbel aged in infected oak barrel for 14 months 5.40%
53 NOLA Brewing LA Smokin' Flanders- Smokey Flanders Red Ale aged in bourbon and rum barrels 5.30%
54 NOLA Brewing CO Friek- Kriek with wild yeast, aged in oak barrels with fresh raspberries added to final blend. 6.50%
55 NOLA Brewing CO The Meddler- Several generations of oak aged brown ales with wild yeasts and lactobacillus 8.90%
56 Odell Brewing CO Pina Agria- Aged for 9 months with pineapple, lactobacillus, & brettanomyces 7%
57 Oskar Blues Brewery CO Barrel-aged Empire Mine Gold- Barrel aged Golden Ale 8%
58 Perennial Artisan Ales MO Savant Beersel- 100% Brettanomcyes-fermented Belgian Pale Ale, aged in American Oak Chambourcin barrels on Missouri-grown Chambourcin grapes 8%
59 Perennial Artisan Ales MO Strawberry Rhubarb Wild Ale- Blonde Wild Ale aged 10 mos. in a white wine barrel with blend of Brett, Pedio and Lacto, with Strawberries and Rhubarb 5%
60 Pizza Port CA Double Entendre- Sour Blonde Ale with a hint of blackberry and pomegranate 4.70%
61 Redstone Meadery CO Black Folie- Redstone Black Raspberry and New Belgium La Folie 8%
62 Redstone Meadery CO Barrel Black Brett- Black Raspberry Mead refermented with Brettanomyces and aged in an oak barrel 8%
63 Russian River CA Temptation- Blonde ale aged for 12 months in Chardonnay barrels with Brett, Lacto, & Pedio. 7%
64 Russian River CA Sanctification- 100% Brett fermented beer with Lacto & Pedio 6.50%
65 Russian River CA Supplication- Brown ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels with sour cherries, Brett, Lacto, & Pedio 7.25%
66 Sierra Nevada CA Brux- Belgian yeast, secondary bottle fermentation w/Brettanomyces bruxellensis; dry, earthy, & spicy 8.30%
67 Strange Brewing CO Cherry Kriek- So many tart pie cherries, even the foamy head is red 5%
68 The Lost Abbey CA Cuvee de Tomme- Aged for 1 year in Bourbon barrels with the sour cherries and Brettanomyces 11%
69 The Lost Abbey CA Red Poppy- Brown ale with sour cherries aged in oak barrels for 6 months 5.50%
70 The Lost Abbey CA Framboise de Amorosa- Aged over a year in wood & spiked with three additions of raspberries 7%
71 Trinity Brewing CO TPS Report- 100% Brettanomyces fermentation flavored with tangerine and lemon zest 4.80%
72 Trinity Brewing CO Saison Man- Post Industrial Session Saison brewed with 2 Saison yeast strains and Drie Brettanomyces 4,9%
73 Trinity Brewing CO Oh Face- Saison yeast & wild 3 Brettanomyces strains, then spiced with lavender and aged on French oak 6.50%
74 Trinity Brewing CO Red Swingline- Hoppy sour brewed with coriander & tangerine zest, fermented w/Lacto and Bretta, aged on French Oak Barrels, then dry hopped 4.10%
75 Trinity Brewing CO Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta- Dark wild w/a heavily funky character, aged on French oak Barrels addition of Honey, Golden Raisins, and Mustard Seed 8.10%
76 Trinity Brewing CO Ten Minutes of Pleasure- Collaboration w/NBB, the Soursop fruit in this Berliner Weisse adds lemon and coconut notes; aged in Chardonnay barrels 3.60%
77 Two Brothers IL Hoodwink- The complex sour notes will brighten your palate as they pair with the dark malt character 8.50%
78 Upslope Brewing CO Upslope Belgian Dark Sour- Belgian Dark Sour Aged in Whiskey barrels for 3 years 10%
79 Verboten Brewing CO What Hump?- English style Porter soured and aged in a Dancing Pines Distillery Rum Barrel 7%
80 Wynkoop Brewing CO Ye Olde Ale- English old ale blend: 25% Brett in oak, 75% British Ale 8%
81 Wynkoop Brewing CO "Saison de Koop- Barrel fermented with both Belgian Saison and Brettanomyces. Unblended Orville
" 5.50%
82 Wynkoop Brewing CO Flanders Red- Colorado whiskey barrel fermented with a sour yeast blend 6.50%

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Re: Boulder Sourfest June 8th
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Gilly> this is totally murdering my unicorn blood boner