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Oberon in the 5L mini-keg

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mr. furley:
just popped up at the Woodman's here.  $16.

these things hold up?  i'd like to get a couple for the wedding weekend if they make sense.

Organized Chaos:
$16 is a really good price on these, I dont usually see them less then $20 in west mi.

They should hold up fine, how far out are you talking?

mr. furley:
well,  if i were forced to buy them now it'd be a month. 

but i don't see them flying off the shelves... and if they do, i'm guessing they'll get re-stocked. they keep their Bell's selection full. none of the special releases but Kalamazoo, Two-Hearted, Amber, Brown, etc are ALWAYS there in large numbers.

i think the 5L's will be more or less the same.

just wondering how the taste holds up if we tap a handful of em one nite and have to finish one off the next or something.. i dunno.  more or less want to know if this is a good deal.

Organized Chaos:
I picked up one last year and I think I drank it over a couple of days, I was suprised at how well it held up.

Personally, I think its a good price for it. (Although I would be all over it if it was Oberon of 3-4 years ago :) )

mr. furley:

this is the kinda beer my friends/family will soak up.  and it's one i can happily drink.

good to have options.  :thumbup:


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