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fRed Scare:
Founders 2007 Harvest Ale

The arrival of Autumn means that the Hop harvest is in full swing, which also means it's Harvest Ale time!  Our Harvest Ale is brewed with fresh wet hops, grown in the Pacific Northwest, harvested and then shipped to us overnight, so we can add them to the brew immediately.  This year we are taking it to the next level and packaging Harvest Ale in four-pack bottles.  This delicious Hop treat will be produced on an extremely limited basis and will be released at the Harvest Party.


Organized Chaos:
Ohhh.. I havent stopped down there in a couple of weeks..

This sounds good!!

I'll probably be there for that one..

$7 to get in and it includes a glass and beer!! NICE

When does Breakfast Stout come out?  I prefer it to KBS.

fRed Scare:

--- Quote from: nase on January 08, 2008, 10:43:19 PM ---When does Breakfast Stout come out?  I prefer it to KBS.

--- End quote ---

About 6 weeks ago.

mr. furley:
A Word from the Prez:
"Our new facility is finally at full brewing capacity, taking Founders from 5,000 barrels to 12,000 barrels annually.  We brewed to capacity all January and should realize full packaging yields in February.  We want to thank everyone for being patient during our transition as a lot of you most likely ran out of Founders products.  We do expect to have a lot more product on the shelves starting this month and forward. 

Keep in mind that March brings the annual launch of Kentucky Breakfast on the Ides of March (15th).  The beer aged exceptionally well in the barrels this year and all indications from early samplings show that it will be one of the best vintages to date.  As usual very limited production means get it fast while you can.  Join us on the 15th at the Taproom for our annual Kentucky Breakfast launch party as we celebrate with live entertainment and of course plenty of Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

Finally, if you haven’t stopped down to check out the new digs, please do.  The Taproom has the same laid back atmosphere of the old facility packaged in a much larger “beer hall” feel.  Good food, music and of course outstanding beer is what it’s all about! 

Thanks again for the patience the last few months and looking forward to good times in the future."

Mike Stevens
President – Founders Brewing Co.


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