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There is a good chance that I will be driving to Portland this up and coming weekend.  Will be there for 2 or 3 nights.  Still doing a bit of research on places to go, but what are the places not to miss?  Thanks in advance.

Where are you going to be staying?

Not really sure yet.  I should know a bit more tomorrow or Tue.  But we will have a car so we will be able to get around town.

Lots of options.  Let me know when you are here, I'll see if we can meet up.  Been out here before?  And driving from Ft Collins?

Start with Horse Brass, Belmont Station (including picking up bottles) and Bailey's.  Upright just opened friday nights to go with weekend afternoons.  Double Mountain and/or Walking Man out in the gorge are good options about an hr away, or Pelican about 1.5 if you want to hit the coast as well.  HOTD is moving so not open for prob a couple more months.

Since you are driving in, and probably via I-84, make a stop in Hood River to visit what is there, and absolutely cross over the river and visit Walking Man in Stevenson, WA.

As for Portland, so much to see and do.  Even though its not the greatest beer, everyone should visit McMennamin's Kennedy School just to see what the extreme is for a brewpub / inn.

The rest of the list is pretty straightforward, Horsebrass, Concordia, Belmont Station, Bailey's, Deschutes to name a few.  Also the New Old Lompoc Side Bar is a very interesting place.


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