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Looks like things are moving.

Of note:

They're hoping to open in the spring

--- Quote ---He has developed a repertoire of over 30 different craft beer recipes, and is best known for his German-style kolsch ale and Scottish-style wheat[sic] heavy ale.
--- End quote ---


If I'm still living in VA next spring I look forward to checking this place out.

Beer Monkey:
Went there tonight. Crazy busy.

Awesome though, huh?

Beer Monkey:

--- Quote from: BryanC on January 22, 2011, 10:29:50 AM ---Awesome though, huh?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, really nice. Didn't get to eat though. Had a beer sampler and a pint. Good beers. Good looking place...what I could see of it. Literally wall to wall people. An hour wait at a little after 8pm. I stood behind people seated at the bar until this one couple in the corner got buzzed for their table. I moved into their spot (still standing) but saved the lone seat for whoever wanted it.

You could tell by the size of the crowd and the number of growlers getting filled that the place is a big hit. Hope to go back when it's not packed to the gills (i.e. not a Friday night) so I can take in a little more.

Cool.  There are VERY few brewers who make a better Wee Heavy than Bill Madden.  :thumbup:


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