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Headed to California in August

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The family and I are finally doing the west coast trip we've been threatening for the last few years.  It's kind of all over the place, but that tends to be how we roll.  Flying into Vegas on 8/3, then drive to AZ / Grand Canyon for a couple days.  Then heading to LA for Six Flags (my oldest has become something of a roller coaster nerd and she has been dying to go to this one).  Then doing Sequoia National Park, Monterrey Aquarium, then back to LA for Disney and not sure what else.  Then back to Vegas flying out on the 17th.

My wallet is hurting but I'm glad to finally be going on this trip.

Any recommendations?  Would love to meet up for a beer or a meal with anybody if the timing works out.




Gonna be hot out there.

We really liked going to that weird, kitschy Flinstones park south of the Grand Canyon. I realize that may not be for everyone, but it's good for a photo op at least. Called "Raptor Ranch" now I guess.

Always wanted to go to the old sign museum "graveyard" in Vegas, and the pinball museum.

Kern River near Sequoia Natl Park, are they still any good? :popcorn:


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Westside Threat:
California is a really big place.  Make sure you understand how FAR away everything is, taking traffic into consideration (as you get into LA county)

When doing Monterrey, make sure you drive the coast, don't get suckered into taking an inland freeway even if its quicker.  Inland California is one disgusting place (no scenery, heat, dust storms, insects, smell of cow farms, you name it....sorry Gator). 

Paso Robles is excellent for wine tasting, dare I say the best in California.  Happy to supply reccs.

I live at the corner of 405 & 101 freeways (not literally but figuratively).  You will most likely be six minutes away from my house at some point.  Love to host your family, cook some bbq and do some swimming. 

If you are into shit shows, Venice beach is always there.   

Getty museum amongst others are good options.

Sort of depends on what floats your boat


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