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Homebrew with grocery store ingredients

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My club's beer is ingredients one can buy at a grocery store. I looked stuff up on the interwebs. This seems to be the best

Some talk using sweet potatoes as well.

Anyone every do anything like this? Any advice or ideas?

Have to use grocery store yeast too?

Kvass maybe?


--- Quote from: smellysell on January 23, 2022, 09:09:31 PM ---Have to use grocery store yeast too?

Kvass maybe?

--- End quote ---
I plan on using bread yeast even though we are allowed to use US-05.

I was sort of thinking something akin to kvass, even bought some Russian style black bread.

My biggest concern is turning starches into sugars without germinated grains.

I should add, I am just making a gallon batch and can mess around.  Not committing to 5 gallons here.

Interesting. Keep us updated


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