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I find myself in ski country in CO. Here for just a few days.  Avon appears to be a bit of a beer desert, which is surprising for CO. Vail, which is about 20 minutes away, has 2 brewpubs but that is about it.  Might head over there by bus (I have no car) to try out the 2 uninspiring-appearing brewpubs.

The really interesting thing is that cold beer is very unappealing as soon as the sun starts to set. We went to a local tap and grill type place last night that had about 8 taps (4 macros, SN IPA, a Vail tap, and 2 other local IPAs) and I drank a Laphroaig 10 neat instead.

We did get a mix of Denver Beer Co hard seltzer from the supermarket  :bag:      it's damn good.

Looks like there's a Vail Brewing Co. there?

Is there any Casey to be found? :popcorn:

I walked into one liquor store and Casey would be like finding Waldo in a black hole.

Now at 7 Hermits. Couldn’t force myself to Vail based on the dull tap list. This place isn’t great. The mild and brown are just way too clean and American.

However, they have a green chili lager. And that makes up for everything. It’s not that the beer is great but the pepper is done well (for me) and the base beer isn’t bad enough to get in the way. Yeah, the green chili is hitting my right spots.

Casey is 40 min west of 7 Hermits in Glenwood Springs. Just sayin’.

There used to be a brewery in WI like the one you’re at, terrible beer except for their jalapeño pilsner. Guy was just homebrewing in the kitchen of a bar and applied for a commercial license. Wasted space at the Great Taste for 5 years, last time he was just making cocktails with homemade spirits.

Damn you, emerge. Now I feel like I have to search for Casey. Cause, you know, they are worth searching for. 

On a much more easier, and less rewarding, level, I did stop at Vail Brewing. I avoided all the IPAs in my 4-trey sampler. The stout was good. The seltzer was ok. The other two were existentially uninteresting.


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