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Twice a year 3 of us get together and have a "Brew off".

The next gathering is in October and the beer to be brewed is................Smoked Rye Baltic Porter with a minimum of 10% rye.

I have some chocolate rye in the inventory and was thinking on smoking some for the brew.

Has anyone smoked their own malt and what was the result? Process?

Any tips would be great!


Cold smoke it on a fine mesh grate of some kind?

This setup is pretty interesting. :smoke:


--- Quote from: emerge on August 24, 2020, 02:47:04 PM ---Cold smoke it on a fine mesh grate of some kind?

This setup is pretty interesting. :smoke:

--- End quote ---

yeah i saw that exact article also. TLDR.

Mesh is what I had in mind also for my electric smoker. Thinking around 100-120 for cold smoke. I don't want to "toast" it but want the affects of the apple wood I'm using.

I need to clarify........We get together after the beer is brewed and sample each and one is crowned champion.

Last week I used my electric smoker with aluminum pans and poked holes through them.

Tossed in the chocolate rye, slightly moistened with water, into 2 pans, loaded up the smoker with apple wood and let'er rip at 170 degrees for an hour.

After that I put the pans in my brew room to dry out and off gas.

Brewed up the recipe on Saturday, a 3 gallon batch.

1071 was my target OG but ended up at 1083. I boiled hard.

5 lbs Barke Pilsner Ger (2.0 SRM) Grain 2 61.0 %
1 lbs 6.7 oz 6 Row Malt, Grain 3 17.3 %
1 lbs Smoked Chocolate Rye (Weyermann) (245.0 SRM) Grain 4 12.2 %
6.2 oz Brown Malt (65.0 SRM) Grain 5 4.7 %
6.2 oz Crystal Extra Dark - 120L (Crisp) (120.0 SRM)

0.58 oz Brewer's Gold, UK [8.00 %] - Boil 75.0 min Hop 7 25.5 IBUs
0.58 oz Fuggle [4.90 %] - Boil 30.0 min

Mangrove Jack's Bohemian Lager Yeast

It's fermenting away in my ferm chamber at 54 degrees.


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