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Steve Tasker:
Anyone have any recent experience with Pittsburgh?  Looks like there's no thread in here about it.

I'll be in Pittsburgh during the afternoon/early evening of Thursday 7/26.  I've been to Pittsburgh twice before when I was younger but wasn't drinking age, so I'm mildly familiar with the layout but woefully unfamiliar with breweries / beer bars in the downtown-ish area.

We are ultimately there for the Radiohead show that night so ideally I'd like to leave my car somewhere downtown during the day, go have a few beers, eat some dinner, and then sober up during the show ahead of the drive home.

I know of Church Brew, but otherwise I'm pretty clueless.  Any ideas?

Heard good things about Brew Gentlemen in Braddock, but that's not really downtown.

mr. furley:
play this a lot while you're there

Radiohead! They're kick-ass live.

Voodoo and Grist House also endorsed by local beer folk. Strange Roots looks very solid, they do the Drai Laag beers. I've had a couple good ones.


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