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I'm heading to Toronto for a few days at the start of June. Any recommendations?  I'll be staying downtown with no agenda other than the Hockey Hall of Fame. 


Bellwoods is solid :thumbup:

Steve Tasker:
Arkells are in Hamilton on 6/23, come on down

Bellwoods is your #1, #2, #3 and #4 choice for breweries. The gold standard. Original brewery/pub is west-end downtown (Ossington/Queen), serves food, a pretty extensive tap list plus "reserve" bottles of their limited stuff for on-premises consumption. New(ish) production brewery is north of the city proper (North York, Keele/Lawrence area).

Liked Folly Brewpub on our only visit last year, though I have heard it's been sold. Their focus was primarily on farmhouse styles and they did them well. Not sure what it's like now.

Hear that Burdock is good, but have yet to visit myself. Always end up just going to Bellwoods.  :lol:

Great Lakes in Etobicoke has some pretty decent one-offs but their standard lineup is pretty average.

Haven't been to Amsterdam, want to go as like Great Lakes they've been knocking a few things out of the park but their regulars are meh. They have three different locations now (including a Barrel House).

Can't comment to beer bars/food places downtown as when I'm in the area I'm out in the west end or north end burbs (and it sucks trying to drive around town pretty much 24/7/365).

Let me ask my bud who works at CBW, he used to brew at Cameron's in the TO area and goes back quite a bit.


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