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Epicurean Ramblings: #beenawhile - Roister


Dinner last night at Roister in Chicago for the wife's birthday.  Sat in the basement prep kitchen counter. 5 course meal.  I can't remember all of the components to every dish and there wasn't a menu so descriptions will be to the best of my memories.  Overall it was a pretty epic meal.
Cocktail/Beer Menu

Shinjuku Spritz - I love cucumber water so this hit the spot in cocktail form.

Eden Imperial Rose Ice Cider - More rose than cider, pretty interesting

1st course - East Coast Oyster with a mushroom mignonette & a shrimp dish with other stuff and tempura fried Thai basil leaves.  Could have eaten about 20 of those oysters.

2nd course - Multiple types of radishes, cucumber, carrots, dill, 7 hour egg, pumpernickel rye croutons.  Pumpernickel dashi to drink.  That dashi was insane, such a condensed explosive flavor.

3rd course - Crab fried rice & a green bean dish that had bacon and other stuff.

Snack - Sausage & red cabbage pot stickers with cajun seasoning.

4th course - Fried chicken thighs, sourdough biscuits, hot sauce. A fermented cabbage slaw.

5th course - "Milk & Cookies" & their play on a Take 5 bar (Foie Gras, Pretzel, Caramel, Black Walnut)



all the beautiful things.
that chicken thigh. hnnng. :drool:

Looks great!! 


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