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the post is being an asshole... the dinner we had at the bottom was at a place called cafe de kring... 


My most recent trip involves, belgium, stockholm and copenhagen, three places i highly recommend if you have the time. The belgium part is what ill start with and go from there.

So, tour de gueze 2017... a two day event where sour producers open their doors and invite the unwashed into their breweries and blenderies. There's a tour company i use, belgium beer me, which gives an added amount of time, 5 days of various places that you attend up to TDG, and TDG itself. So lets start there...

Boon, (pronounced Bone) is one of the larger producers of gueze and kriek and things in the belgiumland... Got a really nice walkthru there, funny part is we got an 80ish year old man that talks at about half the volume of what i do... which isnt loud to begin with... so listening to him talk about boons history and interjecting a question, of which he wasnt prepared and generally deflected by going back to his speel, was what we got from them. Boon gueze and kriek are generally, to me, very sweet and rough, the mariage parfait, is a bit more refined. Talking with other lambic producers, they easily get frustrated with boon. After that we had a dinner of pig cheeks and potatoes with carrots in them and other things... drank a westy 8 for the first time in a while and was pleased with that.

rhyder74 on ps4.

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any pics of de kring? :popcorn:
Boon, yeah he's done quite a lot for lambic preservation and heritage.
The standard lineup I can take it or leave it. Mariage Parfait is occasionally great, and the Oude Kriek was once great too. The single vat series has had some real solid hits.