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Hard road ahead...:
« on: March 02, 2014, 06:36:44 PM »

So. It hasn't been a year exactly... fuck...

I like these blogs and like to keep up on them. There's a certain catharsis that keeps one mind in a better place and dispels the good travel info on to the would be future travelers... so that being said, this may be either long or short... but more than likely long. Get a beer.

and i'l start most recently and work backward... it's easier to do with the pictures.

i won't recap sf beer week, if you've been to a beer week and it's just seemed meh... you need another beer week to measure it to... philly's an exceptional beer week, but cold temps where i live dictate that i go visit warmer weather... especially when it coincides with my birthday... sfbeerweek fills the void.

Lots of new places everywhere, and cali's no exception...

mikkeller bar - bring your wallet...


but know you'll want to drink a lot of beers, because their taplist was really diverse and for beer week it changes by mid day. Loons there were 60 bucks a bottle, but they had 5 to choose from. The art on the wall is interesting and eye catching... and the taps are very cool. they use those adjustable valve taps with the smaller spigots for better flow control, less foam, less waste. Drank loverbeer beers here, drank commons beers, drank laffler beers, drank many beers.... felt poorer, but is the way of the privelage of craft beer.

woodfour brewing - santa rosa area.


really cool spot... out the way... maybe 5 miles from russian river. and during beer week...

russian river is impossible to get into...

i came to drink, not wait in lines taking a page from our own wimperpoo.


woodfour's space is nice and open, small kitchen that does a small menu in the afternoon, closes for an hour, and then a larger more lavish dinner menu... local sourced all that stuff... but you get that from all the shops around woodfour...

the berliner was OUTSTANDING... lemony citrusy acidly delishous... the more subtle sour farmhouse was... more subtle... not as harsh on the bacterias but providing a punch in the mouth sour that didn't disappoint. Went thru the other beers too... all clean, nothing lowbrow, tho styles were explained as simple by doing bartenders. Good bartenders and good beer and good food and no lines... all day.

Whole foods santa rosa area...


holy shit... picture speaks for itself. drank 3 beers, RRx2 and another RR. then my stomach felt like it would fall out... so i bought some tums told it to stfu... and went on drinking. Don't discount the power of the west coast whole foods.

Sour barrel - berkeley AND Sierra nevada taproom - berkeley.

two very distinct places, very different vibes...


i really liked the feel at the sierra nevada taproom. it's very sierra nevada... classy but not snobby, clean and as you'd expect professional... they had a lot of fun test beers in bottle and on tap... things you don't see. things you can enjoy... sour quad with raspberries... nitro stouts... good ass beers... great store, buncha little stuffs... they had knitted bottle coozies... dorky, yes... but equally awesome.

Sour barrel... bruery brewery turnt renegade... runnin shit up in berkeley... only open a few days a week... get up in there.

the beers there for first time sours, were awesome... but knowing that you can't keep a good sourmaker down... they're not as acedic as bruery beers... little less, much easier drinking but great sour character none the less... worth your time, but plan on this... it's not open much and short ass hours, so get in and get drinkin... figure when i go back next year, it'll be assclown central three floyds line kinda shit.

Cellar maker... Fuck you, best cbu units beer i had on the trip.. what the fuck is a cbu... citrus bitterness units... duh.

Ruity pebbles (say it slow and think breakfast cereal..) a collab with berryessa brewing (someone else you should know...) was one of the most refreshing beers i've had in a while... specially when you're the old man in the beer game... now i'm not the beer hunter but i've had a few with a few after a few... and it's hard to be surprised by innovation... this did that.


Oh and... i walk into their pub... a block down from city beer store... and they had a ipa on that had finished processing 2 hours before i got there... poured like a milkshake... drank so good i had many...

They had some berliners there which were interesting, not as good as woodfour to beat a dead horse, but good.

now all these places were great... had great conversations at all... really great experiences, chatted people up, drank down, bought beers at the bar... lifes good.

and then there's Sante Adarius rustic ales...

they had 3 ipa's on... all solid...


they had a porter. vanilla/coffee porter and stout on... all solid 

and they had saison in bottle... super solid...

Usually one of them fail in cali... Not here.


drank here for 3 hour session wed, and 4 hour session thursday, had a great time.


rhyder74 on ps4.

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Re: Hard road ahead...:
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2014, 04:13:27 PM »
okay, so here's where the pics went...