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Growing my own hops this year. Experiences? I'll update this like a semi-blog.

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--- Quote from: emerge on July 25, 2022, 12:51:39 PM ---Cool video of hop pickers on stilts in Japan:

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If you start to fall, you can catch all those trapeze wires on the way down. :D

First, the bad news :rant:

Good news, will start harvesting mine this weekend. :pickle:

Hamms x30

It’s hop smashin’ time!  :pickle: :rockzo: :pickle: :ale:

Harvested 1/2 the Columbus and 1/2 the Willamette. Probably won't do many wreaths this year, and will just make and give away what I can. Saving the Centennial for wet-hopping Hamms and aesthetic value for the next week or so.

Columbus pre-harvest


Harvest night calls for wet-hopped Hamms. :ale:


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