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Growing my own hops this year. Experiences? I'll update this like a semi-blog.

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--- Quote from: MikeWeiss on April 04, 2008, 12:52:34 PM ---Been thinking about growing some of my own hops too, but I live in an apartment, so that won't exactly work right now.

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Set your closet up like this>

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Their vines though, not sure how that would work indoors.

I have Liberty growing that are already about 7 feet tall growing up the twine.  This is my 4th year, I think.

If tethered to a building, will hops grow and attach like ivy? 

both mine have sprouted and are being aided by a tomato cage.  I'll probably regret this later when I have to convince them to go up the side of my garage.

I'm really considering trying to grow some hops this year, and i've got a few questions...

* Do certain types grow better in certain climates than others?
* What is the length of time it takes for them to grow?
* What kind of care do they need other than constant watering?
Any recomnendations as to what to grow would be great.  I would like to brew a pilsner and a pale ale or ipa. 


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