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Victory Ten Years Alt

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Organized Chaos:
What do you guys know about this beer? Whats it selling for in your areas, can you get it etc...

I bought one to try out tonight and it looks like it may be a rare beer of sorts now, is that the case?

Not available here, but it looks as if it was a one time brew. Rated 87 at BA.

Organized Chaos:
I think I'll go grab the reat of them tomorrow then...

Beer Monkey:
Yeah, it was their 10 year anniversary beer. Brewed a little over a year ago. I liked it. Haven't seen any around in a while. I'm not sure how it has aged, but the recent reviews are still up there.

Tip Top:
I have 4 or 5 bottles left.  The last one I had was at least 4 months ago and it was still plenty good.


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