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Hard road ahead...:
« on: March 25, 2013, 11:04:15 PM »


So i rewent down to st. louis... had some family taking the trip and decided to tag along... jen and josh.

Not having a car in that city is tough.

So. More bailey's... revisited the american and tried the southern... both good, but i can't quit the american.

After  that, i went to the comic show down there and jen and josh did  4 hands  and perennial... as i had done them before i was curious to  see what  their impressions of the two places would be and their  consensus was  interesting.

Perennial had interesting mashups of style versus  innovation,  whereas 4 hands had great technical style for the styles  being  executed... if they called it a ipa, it didn't stray from being an   ipa... milk stout was a milk stout.

The comic show down there was  a bust, crapulent dealers room meets  no major comic sponsors meets lame  panels... i forget how spoiled i am  here in chicago. Shit's like the  auto show here, everyone in attendance  and dressed to the nines.

So three hours later i met back up with them and tried square one brewing and scottish arms.

Square  one was... just okay, but the neighborhood was cool and shops  around it  were cool. The beers there were sort of lack luster... there  was a  brown with maple syrup added... not to the boil, not to the  secondary...  to the keg. Everything was sweet, all their beers had a  sweet quality  which was sorta off putting, some styles were executed  okay, but nothing  was really a blowaway good.

After that... scottish arms.

Great bar, great food, kickass service... totally recommended.

Skirt steak for me, haggis, fish and chips, bangers and mash... and a scottish egg.

Had a fullers esb on handpull... so clean, so good.

Josh  made reservations for this place and i thought that was  fecicious,  until i had their food. It's in your best interest to call  ahead to make  reservations. Seriously.

Oh and as a nightcap... we went to civil life.

Civil  life was great. Kinda homebrewy beer, but good in a homebrewy  way...  one of those places that's got a new system and is still getting  the  hang of it... but the vibe there and the people are what sells  this  place...

Outside tables are long and there's a couple of windows  to order  beer from without having to go back inside from the outside.  Clutch...

Dart Stube. Clutch.

Upstairs seating, along with a  upper area with books for overlooking  the brewery and contemplating  beer whilst overviewing the domain.  Really clutch. Great place for  locals and outsiders.

I had the scottish ale, porter on cask  and the vienna and all were  clean and good. Decided this was the place  to buy swag at... soccer  shirts for 10 bucks more than their t's. Saved  me from buying the  schafly hockey jersey the next day.

My traveling companions started to wain in the sense that we started at 7 am and it was 9 pm. So i called it a night.

Stayed  at the hyatt by the arch again... cheap priceline, but not as  cheap as  last time. The weather was nice, 51 was the high... the next  day was the  snow day...

So snow day...

Started round 10ish... Rooster.  Again. (the nice part about going to  a place and enjoying food spots  the first time is you seem like an  expert the next time you go with  folks that haven't been.)

Crepes and French toast later... off to  schafly. Did 2 tasters,  beers were clean, but too cold right off. So as  said walked around the  bars and the upstairs and let things warm up.

The place is really huge, so if you go, wander with your pint. It's worth your time.

After  that... Hopfenfest over at urban chestnut... and a really  great  presentation with a german hops grower. Got to try three  different hops i  hadn't had before... the seitz hops were awesome.  terrior was tasty and  i can think of things to work with it. Really  great beer tasting... 5  tickets and a bottle ticket. you got 6 oz  samples of 5 beers, a glass, a  bottle of the seitz family hop farm  beer, limited to 1500 bottles and  some pub special food. bratwurst and  weisswurst that was really tasty...  spent a while lingering didn't  realize pappy's closed at 4... wicked  burn...

tried their imperial stout again and the booziness  that i had  experienced last time was SO gone, super balanced and damn  tasty...  after that... it was a fuckaround with traffic and weather...  and  things closed on sunday so back to the hotel...  first time i've gotten  rest on a vacation before.

Early start and morning shooting.

Meetup  with jen and josh for a quick stop at perennial. josh had  questions for  stuff with phil and i was just extra baggage. Phil Wymore  is a generous  and awesome human, a good person to know in any  situation, but  imperative to know in the STL beer scene. He beered us  up hard. with takehome stuffs.

Counted around 30ish people in the ditch on the way back up 55 to home... but a good short long run to the stl yet again.

i'll edit pics into this post...

but for now that's the two cents...

dunno if i'll have a next one before tt fest... but one can hope


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Re: Hard road ahead...:
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