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mr. furley:
since it doesn't seem like there's ever a lot of activity in the Beer News thread:

"...btw... the Sucks WILL become a year-round brew and when it does it will be in a 32oz bomber (think of it as a mini growler), but things are going a little slow for that because the glass company is dragging its ass on getting the bottle ready for us. I have read that some here think that a 32oz bottle is stoopid, but then we already have a beer called Stoopid, so I'm cool with that... lol...... "


"New Enjoy your two formats of Ruination! I will be putting the Sucks in multiple formats, 32oz mini-growlers and 15.5 gal kegs, prolly 7.25 gallon kegs too (both of which will yeild 16oz pints!)... and of course there'll be full-sized growlers.

In structuring a brand I am careful to give more than a little thought to how I want to present it and to what end. Notice that we don't do cans. I suppose that some would say that brewers should put every flavor they brew in every package possible to gain as many sales as possible from as many peeps as possible, but isn't that the kind of crap that BIG brewers get into? How about a 24-pack, no- how about a 30-pack suitcase of aluminum cans of Sucks? Why not both?

I just plain think that a 32oz bottle of Sucks next to the 32oz bottle of King Cobra sounds like fun. me stoopid...

Cheers all.... "

Love sucks, but I really hate this 32oz bottle nonsense.  For a beer like that you might want to drink multiples of the 12 oz bottle is ideal, IMO.  Granted, a 32oz bottle is probably good for most occasions since it is just 2 pints of beer.  I would just prefer to be able to drink 12, 24, or 36 ounces of it without worrying about a portion of it getting flat in a half consumed bottle.  Not to mention, it will have to be a twist off to really be a useful type of mini-growler.

I don't hate it, and I agree that it will be funny to see it sitting next to the Cobra, but I'm not going to buy it very often at that size.

If its the same price per oz. I dont see what the issue is... Pretty hard to drink "just one" Sucks. Will likely still drink my weight in it. :coffee:

I'll just wait for distribution to make it to Kentucky and get it by the keg.  Hell, I would drive to Nashville to get a keg of Sucks if that was necessary. 


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