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Didn't see a thread for NYC, so I thought I'd start one.   My neighbors run a marketing research firm and are looking for some New Yorkers to help them out.   It's a win win.  You get paid $500 and you get to drink beer!


We're kicking off phase 4 of our beer project here at work, and Shelley (our researcher) is asking me to ask you if you have any connections/friends in NY that are 'exactly like Jeff'.

The research program is outlined below. Feel free to forward to anyone you might think is a good fit.

Much appreciated,


gravitytank is innovating in the brewing space, and needs a handful of beer-loving New Yorkers to help beta-test what we've got. It's a confidential study, and invite only. But here's the rub: we're NOT looking to talk to home-brewers for our research. We're looking to talk to people who love (!) beer, and also have a bit of a DIY/maker/creativity streak.

You'd likely do it for the love of craft, the love of craft beer, or both - but we are paying $500+ for participation.

You're a great fit if you…

// Genuinely LOVE beer. Not a home brewer, but someone who knows his/her way around a beer menu, and is perhaps curious about the brewing process.

// Like to make stuff. Chefs, cooks, hackers, quilters, construction workers, designers, picklers, furniture makers, you name it. If you are tasked professionally, or have a passion that lets you figure out how things are made or have a penchant for making stuff, we're interested. 

// Have an iPhone or Android smartphone. Because this is primarily an app-based study, we're looking for smartphone users only (with a few exceptions for those who have an iPod Touch with a camera  or iPad 2+)

// Can commit to the whole study. We'll need you to show up to a small kick-off event in mid Oct, and an exit interview in mid Nov. The core of the research however, is to have you take home a prototype we've built, and live with it for 5 weeks. You'll document your usage using an app on your phone, called dScout. It shouldn't take you more than 20-30 mins per week to fulfill what we're looking for in your documentation.

// Are cool with researchers coming to your home. Some of you may be invited for a bonus interview, conducted at your place. Participating in an additional interview = additional $$.  So everybody gets $500 - some people will earn a bit more.


If you're interested, we'd love to talk to you. Here's where we go from here:

1) Take the quick survey through this link - we'd like to ask a few pre-lim questions's about you, beer, and your availability:

2) If you qualify, we'll call you to follow up & have a chat about participation and to learn a little bit more about you.

Thank you + Cheers!

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Sounds like my cousin in Brooklyn will be doing this.  Thanks for the heads up. :thumbup:


what's his/her name so I can get some referral credit?

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--- Quote from: urbanhack on September 20, 2012, 04:03:47 PM ---sweet

what's his/her name so I can get some referral credit?

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Mike Krenner

You should send a message to afksports on here.  Assuming he has his email setup to notify him since he doesn't seem to log on here much anymore.  You could also hit him up at BA.  Good guy that I am sure would be into this.  Probably could get his fiance to go with too.


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