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there's an event next week in cedar rapids for goose island beers and a mail was sent out for someone to cover meet the brewer...
well they're willing to pay me for my days off and hotel, expenses, and mileage, so why the hell not...
can stop at the john's grocery and sanctuary in iowa city as well. it's an easy drive on 80, and i'm refilling my audiobooks/music on my phone.

but does anyone have suggestions...
i'll be doin this wed 27th this coming week.

i'm doing my own research as of the moment...

thinking about stopping in amana at millstream on the way in...
i'm not sure of the venue in cedar rapids... but stops i'm looking at:
Benz beverage depot and parlor city...
reviews lead toward a granite city being best beer in town... that's kinda sad. - has my attention for iowa city...
and toppling giant brewing... anyone had?

sanctuary and john's grocery are on the list. love the sanctuary.

Was in CR for a couple games back in 2010....I got nothin' :shrug:

It smelled bad.

Great River Redband coffee stout is one of the best of the style that I've ever had.  :banned:



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