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Odiferous takes on Russian River
Posted Thursday, February 17th, 2011 by cjsell

While I know these aren't exactly the same style beer, as you can tell by the photos, I figured why not to a side by side tasting to see where that sour whore smelly is in comparison to a great sour brewery like Russian River.



Odiferous Sour Blonde

Russian River - Supplication  

Supplication takes the lead solely on there being some head for more than 10 seconds on their beer.   Odiferous has a nice hazy light orange, pale ale like color to it, while the Supplication is a crystal clear ruby red.



Odiferous - nice funky barnyard with some light citrus, apple/pear notes also figure in.


Supplication - No funk, an almost vinegary smell, but hints of vanilla.


Gonna have to side with Odiferous on this one, love the barnyard funk in my sours.



Odiferous - Taste is mildly sour at first, but sticks with you throughout the aftertaste.  More apple, tartness with hints of the funkiness in the aroma.


Supplication - Starts off pretty mild with some nice vanilla/oakiness.  Back end is almost too sour/vinegary.  I'm not sure something hasn't gone wrong with this bottle as I don't remember Supplication having this off taste.  Could be that the Odiferous is just rocking it's world ;)


Might as well continue since I started this already.....



Odiferous: feels really well balanced despite the lack of carbonation found in the head.  Maybe a tad slimy/buttery to what I would expect.


Supplication:  Nicely carbonated, almost perfect.


Unfortunately the Supplication doesn't stack up to what I recall it being.  At this point I have no other choice but to say Odiferous is the winner.  Although I can still tell how much the barrel aging helps in several instances. 


Looking forward to getting to try the Odiferous Classic Geuze in a year or so.