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Swabs the Interviewer
Posted Thursday, September 15th, 2011 by cjsell


This TBSer prefers to remain anonymous.  If you've been around the site for a while you shouldn't have a hard time narrowing it down.  For the purposes of this interview we'll call them Hank.


Swabs: I've noticed that you aren't very active on the forum lately.  What is the reasoning for this?

Hank: I don't really see a point of posting there anymore.  I'm sick of people mocking my Apple fandom and nobody appreciates me anymore.  I'd rather just log the beers I'm drinking in the module so people can still tell how awesome I am because I can drink so much.


S:  Is it true that you were once "robbed", but only of your dignity?

H:  Well that's not entirely true, they took my wallet.

S:  How much money did they take?

H:  None, there was nothing in it so they just laughed and gave it back to me.



S:  There was recently a story that came out about a man being arrested for DUI.  When being questioned, the man admitted to drinking "at least a 30 pack" of beer.  Was this you?

H:  Hell no, I don't get drunk til I have at least 40 beers.  That guy must have been a pussy.


S:  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview.


Odiferous takes on Russian River
Posted Thursday, February 17th, 2011 by cjsell

While I know these aren't exactly the same style beer, as you can tell by the photos, I figured why not to a side by side tasting to see where that sour whore smelly is in comparison to a great sour brewery like Russian River.



Odiferous Sour Blonde

Russian River - Supplication  

Supplication takes the lead solely on there being some head for more than 10 seconds on their beer.   Odiferous has a nice hazy light orange, pale ale like color to it, while the Supplication is a crystal clear ruby red.



Odiferous - nice funky barnyard with some light citrus, apple/pear notes also figure in.


Supplication - No funk, an almost vinegary smell, but hints of vanilla.


Gonna have to side with Odiferous on this one, love the barnyard funk in my sours.



Odiferous - Taste is mildly sour at first, but sticks with you throughout the aftertaste.  More apple, tartness with hints of the funkiness in the aroma.


Supplication - Starts off pretty mild with some nice vanilla/oakiness.  Back end is almost too sour/vinegary.  I'm not sure something hasn't gone wrong with this bottle as I don't remember Supplication having this off taste.  Could be that the Odiferous is just rocking it's world ;)


Might as well continue since I started this already.....



Odiferous: feels really well balanced despite the lack of carbonation found in the head.  Maybe a tad slimy/buttery to what I would expect.


Supplication:  Nicely carbonated, almost perfect.


Unfortunately the Supplication doesn't stack up to what I recall it being.  At this point I have no other choice but to say Odiferous is the winner.  Although I can still tell how much the barrel aging helps in several instances. 


Looking forward to getting to try the Odiferous Classic Geuze in a year or so.


Road Trip Bitches!
Posted Monday, January 10th, 2011 by cjsell


With my (questionable) decision to move out to Virginia for 6 months came months and months of planning on which route to take.  It was a tough decision on whether to head South and hang with a Wee Man and a Germexican  or go North where the beer flows like the salmon of the Capistrano.  Alas, the North won (again)  despite the inevitable fact that one joe1510 would be making an appearance.  Here's how it all went down (or at least what I remember).


Day 1: Smelly Fachina

Wednesday morning I wake up and start packing everything I "need" into the back of my Jeep.  I got it about half way filled and I started to wonder if I was going to be able to fit everything.  After some rearranging, I managed to fit everything and still have an open space that was about 2 feet x 4 feet.  Hopefully Smells isn't bringing much .


After about a 10 hour drive, the Smellster finally arrives to our rendezvous point.  He opens his trunk and I see a small carry-on size suitcase and a 12 pack shipper.  This is no good.  Long story short, I ended up leaving my bag with my hardhat/coveralls/etc. in his trunk in order to fit his excessive amount of travel gear.


From there we headed over to Odell to see what they had going on.  Unfortunately they had a band playing, so the joint was packed to the max.  We ordered a couple of tasters and finally found somewhere to sit.  I proceeded to give Smelly the pilot tray that he could handle (His highest ABV = 6%, my lowest ABV = 6.5%)  In the middle of our drankin, this amazing fella leans over and asks what Smelly thinks of his tray because they have the same one.


Smelly: Meh, it's ok.

DB: It's pretty intense man.


DB:  Well....what do you normally drink?  I usually drink Coors Light or Miller High Life.

Smelly:  I usually drink stuff like this, but this isn't very good.



I think we pretty much left after that and grabbed a growler of Double Ninja  


From there we stopped at a couple Likka Stoes then made our way to Grimm Brothers.  We ordered a couple pints then Oxy showed up and took us oot back.  Since this was Smelly's first time there since before it opened he got the whole rundown on all their beer and then we went back to the lager cooler.  This is where the magic happens.  We proceeded to try a bunch of different homebrews including a Sour Pumpkin and Eisbock that were both titties.  Then some rum from the local distillery was broken out.  I believe this is where Smelly began slurring his speech.  What a fuggin lightweight.  Anyhoo, we then left and made our way to a friends in Denver where Smelly proceeded to fall asleep with a full glass of Old Ruffian in his hands


Day 2:  Hey Nebraska, Go F#*k Yourself

We managed to wake up at the ass crack of dawn the next morning and begin our trip through Kansas to our stopping spot of Kansas City.  The second I start driving, Smells is out like a light.  After about an hour I realize I'm on I-76 instead of I-70 .


Me:  Oh f#$k!

Smelly:  :snore: huh? :sleep:


At this point it wasn't worth turning around since the two roads run parallel and have nothing except county roads that connect them.  It ended up being a decent detour as we got to visit Nebraska Brewing Co. which was pretty sweet.  The look that the dumbass, butterface bartender gave Smelly when he asked for stickers was priceless.  As was this sweet stalker picture I managed to get from across the street.



Day 3: Chicago Cornhole


Finally, the night Chicago died.


After making a quick pitstop at Schlafly we continued our way towards Chicago.  Things were looking good until we hit the lovely town of Joliet.  From there we managed to sit in traffic for a solid 2 hours.  I came within seconds of driving off of a bridge to end it all.  When we finally made it to Joe's place, we walked in to find Jay was already waiting for us.  I once again came within seconds of taking my life .


After bringing in the beer I had brought, Jay proceeded to yell at me for not bringing him enough AK Smoked Porter.  I may or may not have forgot how much he wanted, but I figured 1 was better than none.  Then Joe busted out a Vanilla BCS for me and I had to bust out the .  After a few minutes Emerge and one of his buddies showed up and we continued drinking the random beers that were around.  


Then two of the most amazing things of the entire trip happened.  

Numero uno: We were watching LSU and Texas A&M when Smelly made the point that LSU had no black people in their marching band while their entire football team was black.  There was then a shot of the band doing something and Emerge yells "There's one right there, it's like a unicorn!"

Numero two:  Joe gets a text and immediately starts laughing.  "I just got a text from this guy I haven't talked to in a couple days.  It says Yes, it's called a murder boner"  Needless to say murder boner has become my new favorite phrase.  It's quite the versatile phrase.  Here's some examples.

1:  Exclamatory Phrase - Murder Boner!  This can be used in celebration, anger, threatening etc

2:  Noun - ex: The murder boner took it's dog for a walk.

3:  Verb - ex:  If they don't hurry the f#$k up I'm gonna murder boner them.

It was all going good until Joe decided to make his own Bourbon Samichlaus and Bourbon Cutthroat Porter.  After that I know we had some pizza and went to a few bars, but I couldn't tell you much more than that.  I will rely on other witnesses for further details.


Day 4:  


I woke up at 11:00 in a panic.  There's no way we're going to make it to all of the places we planned on.  After going to get some food and making a trip to Half Acre and Binny's, we finally made it out of town by 3:00.  Made some stops at Shoreline, Livery, and Dark Horse along the way.  Didn't have enough time for Three Floyds and Bell's since we got out so late.


Dark Horse was awesome.  We showed up at about 11:30 to find what appeared to be a double wide with a Dark Horse sign on the front.  We went in and the ceiling is lined with these bad ass ceramic mugs that I really wanted.  As they were closing we asked if they had any merchandise and the bartender says "Yeah, come back this way".  We were then lead through a maze that went through the brewery and a bunch of office space to a secret closet in the very back loaded with shirts and other things.  Very few things were labeled as to how much they cost, so the lady pretty much made it up.


When we left I still had a thumping headache and we only managed to make it a little further before being forced to pull over somewhere in Ohio and get a hotel.  The rest of the trip was pretty lame except for stopping in Pittsburgh at The House of 1000 Beers, where I found Rabid Duck bottles going for $1 a piece and $4 bombers of Smutty Baltic Porter/Wheat Wine.  That store kicks some serious ass, even though some of their prices were outrageous.


Final outcome of the trip.


Swabs and Stanky's CO Trip
Posted Monday, June 28th, 2010 by cjsell

Monday - "How did I get here?"

While I'm going through the normal Monday of procrastination at work, I send my bro a text asking him if he's in Casper yet.  This is the conversation that followed

Smelly: Nope, in Gillette

Swabs: , you realize that's the wrong way?

Smelly: I know



Apparently he was  and missed the very obvious intersection.  When he finally arrived we went and grabbed some chow and beers at Altitude's Chop House.  We pull out the seasonal beer menu and see a Flemish Red on it.  For some reason both of us ordered it when I new it was going to be sketchy.  Turned out to be awesome...........if you like drinking oak.  After managing to pound those out we tried the IPA, which was a little better.


After that we took some of his homebrew back to my place and knocked them out along with some NG beers I just got from Brac.  The ones I know we had were "old" Enigma and "new" enigma and the R&D.  


Tuesday - Moving, it sucks

We start the hauling of big items to the new place and .  I couldn't drink that night because I had to get blood drawn the next day, so I got to watch him drink all the leftovers from the camping trip.  The roomates busted out some George Dickel before they left and apparently smells was a little lit.  "This bottle of Dickel is gonna be gone by the end of the night".  I went to bed and before I could even get my head on the pillow I hear *meet george jetson*.  This was followed by several *ding*s and some loud rap music.  I could have sworn I heard him heaving in the bathroom later on, but he wouldn't admit to it the day.  Oh, and there was still Dickel left in the bottle when I woke up.  What a puss.


Wednesday - Professional Baseball Umping

After more moving, we head to watch my nephew pitch in his last game of the season.  While sitting in the stands, someone asks all of us (about 5 people) if anyone wants to be the 2nd base ump.  After watching everyone else act like they didn't hear him, I said fuck it let's do this damn thang.  I ended up getting really tired of standing in one spot and making no calls.  Oh, I did get heckled by my sister-in-law for the one call I had at 1st base.


After finally getting done with the longest little league game in history, we headed back to the house for a little tasting with a buddy.  Here's what I remember drinking.

- Odiferous Blueberry Lambic

- LeBleu

- Nate's Homebrew Belgian Wit (brewing on Altitude's equipment for GABF)

- Nogne O Barleywine

- La Folie 10th Anniversary

- Old Inventory Barleywine

- 07 Bigfoot

- Damnation

- Odiferous Saison w/ Brett


Thursday/Friday -

We started off the day by pretty much finishing the move.  Then we went and played softball with my company's team.  Smells was forced to play with a right handed glove at 1st base, which worried me a little.  I figured he'd be ok as long as he didn't have to throw.  Unfortunately he still had to bat.  That SOB took 2 f##kin walks!  What is sissy ass bitch.


After the game we headed to The Alibi where we began our epic night.  We had to try some of the Saratoga brews so we tried their RIPA, Summer Ale, and Chocolate Honey Rye Porter.  Smelly also had a few Lagunitas IPAs after not liking the RIPA.  After meeting up with a few friends, we headed down to the Front St. Tavern.  We ordered a pitcher of the Saratoga Helles, wait we ordered 2 pitchers.  Apparently the bartender had a man crush on me because I was the last one to show up to the bar and he walked straight up to me.  The "Helles" pitchers showed up and were clearly mislabeled, as they were identical to the Irish Red.  Oh well, after a while smells started telling us we needed to go up to this asian chick and say "Ni Hau".  Apparently this is a sure fire way to hook up with asians.     After finishing what had to have been about 5 pitchers which were about 9% we decided to head out to another bar.


I believe this is where the night went wrong.  I remember getting there and bits and pieces here and there, but man.....  Apparently smelly told this girl I know "Your aqua tank top is playa".  When I heard this the next day I nearly shot beer out of nose.  Anyhoo, the next thing you know I'm waking up at 11:45 haggard as all getout with blood all over my pillow and my roomates dog sleeping at my feet.  I had a conference call with a client at noon.  Needless to say I was going to be a little late.  I go and try to wake myself up and brush my teeth and such, then go in and wake up smelly.  


Swabs: What the f###?

Smelly: Dude, I woke up on some cement porch this morning

Swabs:  Get the f### outta here

Smelly: No shit, I got up and pissed in the middle of the street then wandered around for like an hour before I found the house.

Swabs: Jebus, I'll talk to you later I have to go to f###in work.


I went to work, had the most unproductive/unprepared meeting ever, and left.  I went back home passed out on the couch for a couple hours.  Also, smelly apparently left his cell phone at Front St. and I had a message from his wife at midnight.  I also found out that I left a couple of voicemails.  One to my roommate "Puuuuusssssy, pussy, pussy, pussy, heeeeeeeeeeeeey pussy".  Another to my friend we were going to stay with in Denver.  "HEY ASSHOLE! *loud bar noises*"  After finally getting everything out of the old place and "cleaned" we headed off for CO.  The initial plan of leaving at 1:00 clearly failed as it was already past 5:00.


We get into Ft.Collins and start heading towards O'dells and find out it is already closed. I then get a text from Oxy asking if he missed us at Grimm Brothers.  I said nope, we just suck at being on time.  We end up stopping in after he was nice enough to wait around for us.  He then proceeded to fill us with beer as he gave us a little tour of the brewery.  Place is looking awesome and the beers he had were sublime.  I had a smoked sour, dopplebock, weizenbock, BSDA, and some sorta smoked ale.


From there we headed on down to Denver where we met up with some friends at the Cheeky Monk.  On the way smells was doing the grown man pee-pee dance and eventually had to pull over into a parking lot.  He may or may not have peed a little in his drawers.  I'm not authorized to comment further on this.  Had a few beers and some food (4 cheese grilled cheese with bacon was tits).  Had a Saison Dupont, Ruination and something else.  Then hit the hay after a little blaze back at their place.


Saturday -

We wake up and sit around for a while before heading out to watch the soccer game.  Drank a few Ranger IPAs and Hazed and Infused with some awesome brunch and then left once the game went into extra time because we had to go pick up another Widespread Panic ticket.  I was getting sick of listening to all the tards in the bar anyways and don't really like soccer.  Smells went his own way and I never heard back from him.  I heard he drank a lot of MGD and some others at a buddy's.  We went to Red Rocks and hiked around like idiots before finding who we were looking for.  We left, got some grub and giant margaritas and headed back for the show.  It was amazing, and their new light show is bitchin.  Afterwards and being a little lit in more than one way, I wandered out to the parking lot on the wrong side of the venue.  I got all the way down the hill and into the darkness before I decided I should turn around and find out where I should be.  Finally find the car and everyone sitting around waiting for me.  Oops.



Jazz Fest - What Happens There Stays There (except herpes, that shit sticks with ya)
Posted Thursday, May 6th, 2010 by cjsell

The Epic Journey Begins

Since my former pal Tangfred refused to send me Santa in time for the trip we had to take a replacement.  Cowboy Joe.  I am glad he accepted our invitation as Santa can't even come close to being as cool as him or drink as much.

This was the other cat who joined me on the trip.  I didn't realize he was Hank Williams Jr. until a couple hours into the trip.  The trip was going good until we made it to the amazing state of Kansas.  Home of the.......well not a whole damn lot.  This was by far the most exciting thing I saw in the whole state.

Oh yeah, I also discovered something I had no clue about.  I thought only the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy were real.......

After about 20 hours of pure excitement, we finally made it to the state of our final destination.  See that gas station in the background?  We made it there with about 3 miles left of gas.  I also bought 3 scratch tickets and GUESS WHAT I WON?  Nada.


Thursday - Day 1 of Jazzfest


Alright, enough of boring driving tales.  Now the real action starts.  As we are rolling into NOLA, my buddy calls "the hotel we're staying at".  After spelling his last name about 20 times they still couldn't track down his reservation.  "I can't even understand what she was saying".  This is the same guy that still uses the term colored folk .  So we show up to "the hotel we're staying at".  The lady speaks perfectly good english.  Still can't find our reservation.  Thank god because it was all the way by the airport, which is about as far from the French Quarter as possible.  From here we start calling all the hotels on the Jazz Fest webpage.  

Call #3

Me: Do you have a reservation for Smeenk?

Lady: What?

Me: S-M-E-E-N-K

Lady: Yes we do

Me: Oh thank you Jebus!  I knew you were real!


Needless to say we were gonna be a little late.  I get in the room, put the beer in the fridge and start pounding a room temperature Old Chub.  Yikes.  We get down to the fest around 12:30 and step into The Blues Tent in time to hear somebody rockin our socks off.  "Who the fudge is this badass?"  Find the schedule and find out its Derek Miller.  Dude was sick.  Joe was too busy getting his drink on to notice I think.

After Derek was done we started heading toward the Gov't Mule stage and stopped in at the Jazz Tent where we heard these ladies jammin on some Aretha Franklin.

On our way over to Gov't Mule this amazing lady came rollin by.  Girl on the left was   

So we finally show up to Gov't Mule and meander our way to about 3 rows from the railing.  From here Warren manages to begin the meltage of my face.   When they were done we managed to move up right to the rail for Widespread and right next a nice young lady in a red dress.  I wanted to touch her hoohas (K ), but I figured this was a bad idea.  Widespread then completed the meltage of the face.  It went a little something like this.


After the fest ended at 7 , we decided we were gonna take it a little easy for the first night.  Headed back to the hotel/motel holiday inn and went and found some food nearby.  "Suck the head!"

Another great thing about this place was they had a sweet ass 80s cover band with a cougar bass player.  And our taking it easy night turned into shots of Wild Turkey and many Abita Ambers (meh).  Another high note was finding this jackpot on the way back.



Day 2 - Swamp Tour and House of Blues

We wake up "early" Friday morning and head out to Swamp Adventures for a trip of a lifetime.  We get there and it's a itty bitty shack right next to the swamp.  Walk inside and this guy tries to take my GD head off!

We get out to the boat and meet the 2 old people who are going on the tour with us.  They definitely made it better.  The old lady was a serious Nervous Nelly and her husband liked making fun of her for it.  Our guide shows up, gets us on the boat and this was his speech.

I'm Joel and I'll be your guide.  Ize born and raised in the Bayou and have lotsa sperience with gaytas as you can see.  Right here's where a gayta bit through my top lip.  Right here's where a gayta got my lip again.  Right here's where a gayta took my finga off.

We take off in the kick-ass fan boat and get a ways down and he shuts her off.  Then we see this lil fella start swimming our way.


His name is Sven and he likes marshmallows.  

Old Lady: Can they jump in the boat?

Joel: Well they can jump half their length out the wata and he's about 8 feet.  Da boat is abouda foot out the wata.

Old Lady:

Old Guy:  That means yes honey!

We continue on for about 2 hours during which the guide manages to stop and spot about 8 more regular gators and many other random animals nobody else would have ever seen.  At the end we stroll up to a little dead end where we see about 20 baby gators hanging out on a log.  Then all of a sudden this head pops out of the water.  Hissssssssss.  Apparently the mama didn't like us messin with the babies.  Was pretty damn fun.  I'd recommend it, but only if there's a crazy guide with some wounds and sweet stories.


After that exhausting morning we head down town because DUMBASS forgot his ticket for the House of Blues show .  While waiting in the line for them to figure out how we could get a ticket this old black dude comes strollin up with a nice pink towel slung over his shoulder.  Comes up to be and starts talkin some form of english that I really couldn't make out much.  All of a sudden he sits down and tells me to put my foot on his leg.  He then pours some soap on my shoes and starts buffin away.  I was like "What the fudge just happened?  How did I agree to this?"  After a nice shining he manages to jibberish me into giving him a couple dollars.  He then holds up his 1oz bottle of soap, smiles, and says "By the end of this bottle I'm gonna has me Fo Huned Dollas".  Well worth it.  Check out the amazing shine on these bad boys.


After getting a ticket, we head out to grab some food.  Gosh Darn!  How I love Louisiana food!  We then start walking around on Bourbon St. to figure out what we're gonna do.  "Hot Damn, look at all these f'in strip clubs!"  This doesn't seem legal.  We then stop in to Huge Ass Beers where we get what had to have been about a 40oz plastic cup o' beer.  Neither of us finished because we were so full from lunch still.  We then head back to the hotel to drop off the car and get warmed up for Old Crow Medicine Show.  We had to have had about 4 beers each in about an hour before we got our cab.  I could tell this was gonna be entertaining right when we got in

Cabbie: Whew, glad I got you guys.  The other guy had to pick up a couple big ass trannies that I pissed off earlier.


Cabbie: Where ya'll headed?

Smeenk: Downtown to meet some friends on.....(looks at me)

Me: Oh shit, that street that starts with a C

Cabbie:  Uhhhhh

Me: Cor...Can....

Cabbie: Conti?

Us:  Yeah!


He drops us off and we head down to Bourbon St.  Stop into some random place to listen to a badass guitar player shreddin some blues.  I also had some person buy me one of these.  Not tasty/ really awkward.


After a few more drinks we finally head to the House of Blues where Old Crow put on the best show I've ever seen.  HOB is a great venue and those dudes had a ton of energy.



We then stumbled out for our first night on Bourbon St.  Went and saw a few more bands at little places and not much really exciting happened.  Oh yeah, there were some nasty strippers hanging out the door of some place that tried to grab my buddy and pull him inside!  We were scared so we walked down a couple blocks and went to another one.  Insane prices so we left after pounding one drink.


Day 3 - Jazzfest followed by ?????


So our plan was to make it Jazzfest on time for Saturday.  Well after staying out til 4ish the night before we didn't quite get this done.  We did get there earlier than the first day though.  Went and watched Chris Thomas King play first.  According to Smeenk "He's the colored guy who sold his soul to the devil in Oh Brother Who Art Thou".  Were you raised in the 50's or what?  Who says colored?  Anyhoo, the dude kicked ass.


We then saw some blind dude and his band which was sweet, and another Bayou Band of some sort with some accordian and such.  I didn't see any music that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.  But then we headed over to get a good spot for Pearl Jam.  Showed up about 2 hours early and there was not a spot to be found.  Managed to finagle my way to a spot straight out from the stage and not too far back.  This was my first time seeing PJ and they did not disappoint.  Finished up with "are you guys ready to............KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHA FUCKA!!!!!!!"


After waiting for about 15 minutes because they stopped early, we finally took off.  Stopped in to see if I could get a shirt.  $45 for a fuckin T-shirt!!?  No thanks.  Headed back for another night of debouchery. 

Went and saw a couple more bands and did a lot of white guy dancing.  Also saw stuff like this chick.  She is not the hottest waitress(??) we saw, but you can imagine.

I was told that I ended up dancing with some lady for a long time.  Next thing I knew I was wandering around aimlessly downtown with no idea how I got there.  Tried calling my buddy and no answer.  Uh oh, what the fuck happened?  All of a sudden this old black lady pops out of nowhere.

Crackho: Whatcha doin?

Me: Trying to get a cab

Crackho:  You don't need a cab, I'll give you a ride.

Me:  Uh

Crackho:  Come on, where you goin?

Me: No thanks (In my head "please don't shank me")


I stumble off and eventually find a cab.

Cabbie:  Where you goin?

Me:  Oh shit, umm up North

Cabbie:  North?

Me: Yeah I-10

Cabbie:  I-10 doesn't go north

Me:  Ah damn, I mean west

Cabbie:  Alright

Me:  I'm gonna need to stop at a ATM when we get there

Cabbie:  ugh


We get to a gas station and I go in and pull out a 20.  Get about half way back to the cab when I realize that's not enough.  D'oh!  Go back and get another and pay the man.  I'm surprised I didn't pass out in there like I did the night before.  I get in the room and look at my last call to Smeenk.  Time: 4:55am  This is the last picture taken that night, around 4:00.  


Oh, I also found a J in my pocket the next day and have no clue where that came from.  Needless to say it was a great time.