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#16 Slug Bug
Posted Monday, May 17th, 2010 by Kegergator

Slug Bug Thug :knuckles:


You can't compete against me at this sporting event. Even pulling a Beer Monkey (driving, drinking and texting)  I could cover the standard 6 bug spread. I still recall training with the old man and riding shotgun with a Fly's Eye Scope pressed up to my eyes. Rotating it every 5th Slug to keep both eyes active, and pushed to the limit. I remember the first time I beat him, when I called a Slug blindfolded. The rumble of the engine had become so intune with my ears that I nailed it around the corner. Game. Set. Match, dad.

Night time Slug Bug? Pfffffft

The mere definition of their headlights give them away at a half mile. While the common person has to wait to see the outline of the VW, I'm pulling my fist out of your ribcage by the time you know it's even a Bug and not some Prius or some crappy smart car.


Yours In Slug