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The Year Without A Blogpost
Posted Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 by James Kitchens

Holy carpe! Has it REALLY been an entire YEAR without my posting to this blog? Well, actually it's been 15 months, so yes it has. I am very well aware of the fact that this blog means nothing to anyone other then me. But I should have been downloading my inane and jumbled thoughts, even if it's for my own benefit.

What have I been up to without the benefit of venting about Chicagoland drivers? Without the benefit of 7 year olds re-telling the same joke over and over? Without all the benefits that come along with the mental serenity that comes from shouting at people in this cyberspot who drive badly on the roads, act badly in lines and elsewhere? I've been crazier than Bakes, that's for sure.

I'm not nearly as upending these days by bad drivers. Maybe I have become immune to their evil spells. And evil lane changes. Or more likely, I have been driving far less and haven't raised my blood pressure to the point of boiling over. I also don't recall any significant "waiting in lines" incidents lately. Or maybe my "serenity now" meditation sessions have been working...

Wow, this process is quite boring (for me, and especially you) if I don't have anything to shout about regarding the inanity and stupidity of my fellow man (and woman). Maybe I should go out of my way to find more situations that make me irked and make me need to vent in this blogspace. Pretty sure I won't have to search very far. Which is the bonus (and curse) of living in a big city. Plenty of stupid people to make you mad. Usually, we just call them "tourists". Or a lot of times I just call them "Nancy".

More input as circumstances warrant. Fingers crossed that someone cuts me off in traffic. Or stops randomly in the middle of a major street. Or decides to completely ignore the line winding around the corner at Hot Doug's and struts to the front like they own the place. We can only hope...

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