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2010 NHC Highlight, Rock Hoppers Brew Club
Posted Sunday, June 20th, 2010 by Tip Top

I had planned on just doing summaries of each day of the event, which I am already behind on, but then Club night changed my mind.  Someone really stood out. 

Last night, I figured I didn't want to start right inside the door.  I did a little walk to find a good place.  Someone using a randall as a fruit infuser, sounds good.

While that beer was good, I was intrigued seeing the beer that was added onto their list.  Written in was "Black Eis", and Eisbock.  Being a big fan of this underappreciated style, I knew I needed to try it.  Wow!  Great.  I continued on my way around the room, trying all sorts of beers.  Some were good, and some where not so good.  With an hour and a half left in my night, I found myself back at Rock Hoppers Brew Club, ready to try the rest of their beers.  Believe it or not, I was lucky enough to try my favorite beer of the fest on my first stop, so I had to stop back to see what else they had.


I look closer at their beer list, it was quite intriguing.  There was a whole list of Eis beers.  Imagine my shock when I saw the Urban UFO eis'd barleywine that weighed in at a heft 25% abv.  You'd think a beer like that would be all heat.  Not really.  It had all sorts of complex malty flavors that just swirled around on my tongue.  I wanted more.  That's when I decided to try every beer on the list.  Not one of these beers was something I wouldn't want in my fridge.  The only problem I saw with them was that they had nothing that was low alcohol.  I ended up staying by the booth for the last hour plus of the fest drinking 14% Eisbock and 25% Barleywine.  A good idea?  Maybe not, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Not being part of the homebrewing community, it was great to be able to see all the talent out there, and this group really stood out to me.  I'd love to visit a brewpub where these people were making the beer.  Check out their site at