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Shorts Brewing Company's Tap List for the 2014 Great Taste Pre-Party
Posted Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by Organized Chaos

We're excited to announce Short's Brewing tap list for the annual Great Taste Pre-Party, hosted at Brickhouse BBQ.  Short's will be bringing 10 different beers to the party at Brickhouse BBQ.  

Tap List:

  • Yosemite Scooter
  • Cinnabilly 
  • Key Lime Pie 
  • Double Bourbon Wizard 
  • Mmmkay 
  • Cerveza de Julie
  • Nicie Spicie
  • Soft Parade
  • Prolonged Enjoyment
  • Huma Lupa Licious

We look forward to another great pre-party.  Big thanks to Short's for continuing to work with us and Brickhouse BBQ.  Central Waters' list should be coming up soon.  Cheers!


The state of TheBeerSpot 5-15-14
Posted Thursday, May 15th, 2014 by Organized Chaos

In June this year, TBS will be 7!  As many of you know, this site was started by Jeff Krenner and James Kitchens, I joined them shortly thereafter, mostly because of my nerdy ability to make the interwebs work.

When we started, there were about 60 founding members and most of those people are notable posters still here today. As the years have passed, TBS has really, at it's core, always been a fun beer community with some other beer centric stuff like reviews, who's drinking modules, a failed FB app etc.. At the end of the day, it all comes back to the community and the friendships that many people have built here.

A couple years ago, James decided that he needed more time to focus on his work and family and stepped down from his ownership capacity at TBS. At that time, Jeff and I understood and wished James well.  Last month, Jeff announced in this thread that he will be starting a new job with Surly Brewing Company in May and will also be stepping down from his ownership role here at TBS. Jeff and I talked at great lengths about this and while I don't want to see him step down, I understand his where he is coming from. Jeff was the main person driving News at TBS and party planning etc., it really wouldn’t be fair to put him in a position where a conflict of interest could arise now that he’s working for a brewery.  I personally want to say congratulations and thank you Jeff, you've done great things here! I am confident that you will continue do great things at Surly.

After 7 years, I guess that makes me last owner standing and supreme ruler, huh? Ha! Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t see myself that way and I only want to see this site succeed. I definitely don't have the time that I used to and I am not here as much, but as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, TBS is about the community.  I will continue to do what I can to help improve the experience here and represent the beer community as best I know how.

With some final consultation from Jeff, what we've decided to do is this: Jeff is going to step down from his ownership role, but he has agreed to stay on as a moderator to assist with managing the forums and approving breweries and beers moving forward. With that said, I've also asked Kegergator, Howardf , Mr. Furley and Tangfoot to assist me with mod and beer/brewery approval duties. All four are well known, somewhat respected, and are on the site a lot. Most importantly, I feel that they also want to see TBS continue to move forward and they will do their best to help support that.

I still have plans in the works for TBS that I am working through, but the biggest changes you will see right away are two things. The new moderators are starting effective immediately and I've decided to discontinue the News at TBS. I feel it's important to step back a little and focus on keeping the community strong, updating the review, rating and some of the other current features. I'd like to take the time to do those right, then add stuff as we continue to grow organically.

As always, thank you for your continued support, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you,

Mike Sweany
Organized Chaos
TheBeerSpot, LLC



Central Waters Tap List for Great Taste Pre-Party
Posted Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 by Tip Top

The Beer Spot is very excited to announce the tap list for Central Waters.  Each year this list seems to get better and better.  As with past years, be careful when trying to taste through this list as there are a bunch of big brews.

Central WatersON DRAFT:
  • Hop Rise 
  • Mudpuppy Porter
  • Glacial Trail IPA
  • Ouisconsin Red
  • Shine On
  • Satin Solstice Stout
  • Belgian Blonde
  • Octoberfest
  • Honey Blonde
  • Brewhouse Coffee Stout
  • Le Petite Mort
  • Bourbon Barrel Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
  • Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale
  • Y2K Barleywine
  • 7PM: Fifteen
  • 8PM: (Yet to be named) Chili Pepper Stout
  • 9PM: Exodus

Although it only lists the special release beers as cash only, we highly recommend that any beers purchased are done so using cash.  This will expedite the process of getting a beer for everyone, especially on the third floor.


Shorts Brewing Company's Tap List for the 2013 Great Taste Pre-Party
Posted Monday, July 29th, 2013 by Tip Top

ShortsIf you have been following the thread in our forums, you already have seen this list, but here is the official announcement.  Short's will be bringing 16 different beers to the party at Brickhouse BBQ.  It's a wide range from low to high ABV, hoppy to malty, etc.

Huma Lupa Licious - Short’s best selling India Pale Ale
Soft Parade - High Gravity Ale fermented with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.
Nicie Spicie - American Wheat Ale with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander and peppercorns.
Dans Pink Skirt - American IPA with 159 IBUs provided by Summit hops.
Cerveza De Julie - Mexican Style Lager with Lime.
Strawberry Shorts Cake - Golden Ale brewed with fresh strawberries, milk, sugar and biscuit malts.
Kiwi Destroy Mission - An experimental kiwi Saison with a funky bubblegum Belgian yeast aroma.
Spruce Pilsner - Imperial Pilsner brewed with Northern Michigan Spring Blue Spruce Tips. 
Beard of Zeus - India Style Pale Lager brewed with bitter orange rind and Zeus hops.
Prolonged Enjoyment - Session India Pale Ale
Mmmkay - American India Style Pale Lager
Lil Wheezy - Heavily Hopped Amber Lager
Hazy Daze - A medium bodied, rauchbeir lager with smokey campfire aromas and a lively, tingly mouthfeel.
Carob Stout - Imperial Stout brewed with carob
Anniversary Ale - Blood Orange Wheat Wine
Locals Light - A light, yet very tasty lager.

We're really looking forward to another great party.  Big thanks to Short's for continuing to work with us and Brickhouse BBQ.  Central Waters' list should be coming up later this week.  Cheers!


Shorts Brewing Company's Tap List for Great Taste Pre-Party
Posted Friday, August 3rd, 2012 by Tip Top


ShortsUpdating our post about the 2012 Great Taste Pre-Party, I'm excited to announce the tap list for Shorts Brewing Company. Some of you have probably already seen a partial list on Shorts' site, but here's the complete list.

On Tap All Night

  • Imperial India Spruce Pilsner - Intensely hopped American Pilsner made with Northern Michigan Blue Spruce Tips
  • The Curl - Imperial American Pilsner
  • Beach Wheat - Traditional German Hefeweizen
  • Huma Lupa Licious - American India Pale Ale
  • Bellaire Brown Ale - American Brown Ale
  • Pontius Pilsner - American Pilsner (made with flaked maize/corn)
  • Nicie Spicie - American Wheat made with Lemon and Orange Zest, Coriander, and Peppercorns
  • Soft Parade - Fruit infused Rye Ale made with Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and Blackberries
  • Jezzebelly - Dry Hopped American Pale Ale
  • Grasshoppah - American Pale Ale made with Chocolate Mint
  • Village Reserve - California Common Ale
  • Cerveza de Julie - Mexican Pale Lager made with Lime
  • Wizard - Barleywine made with Raisins

Like the others, Shorts will have some beers that are released through the night.

Timed Releases

  • 7:30pm - Snozzleberry Griffen - Wheat Ale made with Oolong Tea and Blackberries - Available on all floors
  • 9:30pm - Strawberry Shorts Cake - Golden Ale made with Strawberries and Milk Sugar - Available on all floors

That will pretty much do it for the tap lists.  We just have to get what the firkin will be from Central Waters.  Think we can drink it all?