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My guide to the beer of Indianapolis

Triton Brewing Company
Posted Saturday, July 7th, 2012 by howardf

This place is about as far as you can get from my house and still be in Indianapolis, but I made a point of heading out to try out their goods.  Their website said they were family friendly, so I took the kid with me.  It's on a former military base, and this building is one of several just like it that have been converted to business use.  Everything was nice and new on the inside.

I took a quick peek at the menu and ordered their flight.  Now I have to complain at least a little.  #1, they claim that the sampler is 6 x 5 oz samples.  Maybe if every glass was full to the rim, but what you get isn't close to 30 oz.  #2, said sampler is $13, which is ridiculous.  Either way, here's a shot of what was delivered.

The pretzel was for the kid, but I had a couple of bites, and it was pretty tasty.  Here's a quick rundown on what was on the sampler and my brief thoughts on them each:

Fieldhouse Wheat - Crisp and refreshing, the Amarillo hops are a nice touch.
Four Barrel Brown - Way too light and thin, no match for some of my favorite Brown Ales.
Magnificent Amber - A hop-forward Amber is always welcome in my book.  Flat12's is better, but still good.
Deadeye Stout - Big roasty flavor without being too heavy, my second favorite of the group.
Railsplitter IPA - An easy favorite, with a lot of citrus and floral scents and flavors.  Very good.
Sin Bin Belgian Pale Ale - A nice take on a Belgian pale.

They have rotating food trucks on site to serve those looking for more sustenance than a pretzel can offer, and today's truck was Hoosier Fat Daddy.  I ordered the meatloaf sliders and tater tot casserole, and both were awesome.

I asked for samples of the other three beers they had available, and the guy brought me literally one sip of each.

O’Rye-n Galaxy Pale - A nice pale ale with a subtle rye influence, and I always like Galaxy hops.
I-65 Baltic Porter - I couldn't get much of a taste for this on the single mouthful I got of it, but it wasn't bad.
B-Java I-65 Coffee Baltic Porter - The coffee in this was very good and fresh tasting.

It was too hot for Baltic Porters, so I ordered a pint of the Galaxy Pale, and enjoyed it with my lunch.

The beer was pretty good, but the inconvenience factor will keep me away.  I can buy their beer in my local liquor store though, so I'll probably pick up some Railsplitter or Deadeye from time to time.