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My guide to the beer of Indianapolis

Black Acre Brewing Co.
Posted Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by howardf

I popped by here on a Saturday afternoon.  They were putting in sidewalks in front of the place, so I had to use the rear entrance.  I also forgot to take a picture of the outside of the place.  Maybe next time.  Either way, this is a very contemporary and cool location, but almost a little hipsterish.  They had a killer tap list, that was very well balanced with several different styles available, from local, regional, and national breweries.

I was here to drink their beer though, so that's what I ordered.  They had a 4-beer flight for $5, but they had five of their beers available.  One of them being a Blonde made it easy to decide which one wasn't getting ordered.

And here they are in all their glory!  That's the Porter, Rye IPA, Red Hopper, and Rye Wheat.  I started out with the Rye Wheat, and was surprised that I really liked it.  In talking to the bartender, who is also one of the owner/brewers, he said that it was 40% rye, 40% wheat, and 20% specialty malts.  It had the body of a Wheat, with the signature Rye spiciness, and the hops really rounded out the flavor.  It's probably the best Wheat beer I've ever had, but it's not a style I really care for in the first place.

I moved on to the Porter next, which had a nice roasty character to it, and a deep richness that kept me very interested.  This is when my sandwich showed up, a BLT with Smoking Goose bacon and local bread ($9 with sweet potato fries), and it complimented the smoky bacon quite nicely.  After that was the Red Hopper which was pretty unremarkable.  I finished up with the Rye IPA, which I also enjoyed quite a bit.

In talking to the bartender, he mentioned that they're having problems with their water supply, and they're working on addressing it.  He said that because of how hard Indianapolis water is, they get a lot of hop harshness in beers.  He also said that they're not selling growlers yet because they barely have enough beer to keep the doors open, and don't want to run out of their own beers.  They have a green tea Pale Ale that wasn't on tap because they ran out.

Overall, I'd say this is a quality stop with great house beer, a well thought out guest tap list, and a tasty sandwich to soak it all up.  It's pretty far out of the way from my house, but I'll be back again for sure.