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travels with ender

skeleton of day 2...
Posted Sunday, May 14th, 2017 by ender

day 2 involved the brewery that produces Duchess de Bougerone (sp), that was a nice and unexpected surprise and deviation from the last tour i took with that tour company... They produce a good amound of beer for export and a small handful of beer for their own region. The tour led us thru their fouders and brewhouse that they use... very traditional brewing system with a nice modern flare for piping and very nice brand new fouders... The belgians are very of the mind that if your fouders haven't held wine they aren't worth the time in using... as i know a bit about fouders, they leak like a mug if you dont prep and keep them full of something, to maintain the seal on the fouders...

Tasting duchess fresh was a very big sidestep from tasting it imported... was very carmel rich, and nutty, where here it's more rounded with the wine character and the sweetness is intergrated making a finished amber sour. This was a beer that was nice to finally have fresh instead of the 4 to 6 month version we get from the folks in belgium.

after that we stopped at a very small brewery, ^^^^ of which had on their front door... no ab products allowed... of which i took many a gag photo... The place had a very jolly pumpkin feel to it as more than half of his brewing vessels were dairy vessels being used for brewing... but very nice ones (alpha laval, less than 3 years old...) The brewer had a english accent and a very chipper demeanor, very altruistic and passionate about what he did... it was one of those, this guy reminds me of me in my younger days... and then i cursed myself for thinking i was old... :) His beers were all over the place and a lot of them had esters that gave the beers a high fermentation even tho that woudn't have been to style for some of them... the saison was all over the place, where the porter had a grape thing going on that i wouldn't have expected... not unpleasant... little roast with chocolate and a round redwine grape taste is good... almost as if it was rochefort yeast, but he said it wasnt... he used an english strain and that made sense too...

the third and last brewery of the day was castle brewery van (cant remember without my pics) they produce beers like brigand...

This place was huge and the brewing system was all krones... ALL FUCKING KRONES... it was like seeing a porsche go from 6th to 7th gear flawlessly... so beautiful a brewing system, it might turn you to stone if you were to look on it too long... half chub thru most of the tour, just saying... 50bbl system so i could understand it all at a glance, but that wasn't the efficent part, when i say all krones... not just the brewing but the bottling system... every step... i was in love... from every step to the ovens they used for pasturization, it was a fucking shitshow of efficiency.

Now the beers on the other hand... weren't the greatest to drink... the gueze and kriek were wheaty and sugary. the goldens were boozy and boozy... the beers overall were unsatisfying... so just cause you have a kickass brewing system, doesn't mean you know how to run that shit... it's another classic *we've done it this way for so long, that's the taste they expect... disappointing yes, but what can you do. Had dinner there and beers, i ate horse for the first time... it's gamey, like venison. and i felt bad.