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Nebraska Toasted Barn
Posted Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 by Tip Top

Nebraska Toasted BarnPour produced a moderate head that is about a half inch thick, made up of tight bubbles.  Decent staying power, but after a couple minutes it's a wisp on the surface and a thick bead around the edge of the glass.  Body is very dark brown, but not quite black.  Completely opaque.

Nicely balanced with nothing overpowering the nose here.  Bold chocolately notes.  Vanilla and oak from the barrel aging.  Bourbon is here, but subdued.  Smoke is here, but in balance with the other aromas.

Chocolate and a touch of molasses start things off on a sweet malt tones.  Smokiness appears, but not huge, bold and overpowering like some smoked porters tend to be.  Vanilla really balanced off the smoke, as the wood aging seems just right here.  Touch of bitterness.  Whiskey is far in the background, providing a highlight rather than dominating the beer.

Medium bodied with medium carbonation.  This one drinks really easily while still being full flavored.  Really nice brew that could be drank in decent quantities if the opportunity lead itself.  I had it as a dessert and it worked just right.