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Sixpoint Review #3 - The Crisp
Posted Friday, July 29th, 2011 by Tip Top

Well, vacation got in my way of getting these Sixpoint reviews done in a timely manner, so I figured I better get right back into them.  This time I'm reviewing The Crisp, a lager weighing in at 5.4% abv and 42 IBUs.  Forgive the picture from my much to messy desk with an empty from another night on it.

The pour produces a nice two inch thick head that is made up of loose foam.  Varying sized bubbles stick to the sides of the glass as the head subsides a bit.  Tons of tiny bubbles race to the surface on the golden brew.  Really nice looking beer.

Sweet malts combine with assertive grassy hop notes.  If I didn't know it by reading the 42 IBUs on the can, the aroma would tell me that this is going to be a beer that is more hop focused than many lagers out there.  Almost a bit of corn syrup sweetness to the smell.

Flavor is much more balanced than I thought it might be by the nose.  Malt and hops are working in pretty much perfect harmony.  Starts off with a moderate malt sweetness that has a touch of corn.  Hops quickly take over, bringing a bit of brashness to the picture.  Grassy and herbal.  Hops subside and give way to a subtle sweetness again, but this time with a bit of lingering bitterness on the back of my tongue.

Clean, refreshing and drinkable.  This is a perfect lawn mower beer.  Something you wouldn't tire of, but is really nice in its simplicity.