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Odell Woodcut No 04 Oak Aged Lager - Double Marzen-Style Lager
Posted Monday, June 7th, 2010 by Tip Top

Odell Woodcut 4 GlassIt's been what seems like forever since I have taken the time to write up a review.  The good people at Odell were good enough to send me this bottle, which compels me to give them the courtesy of writing up a review.  Thanks also to the good people at Original Gravity for passing my info along to Odell.  I really haven't read any opinions of this beer, which is always is a good thing when writing up an objective review.

From the literature that was sent along with the bottle, this is an Oak Aged Double Marzen-Style Lager weighing in at 11% abv.  It's the first of the Woodcut series to be a lager. 

Bottle 2528, bottled May of 2010.

Corked and caged in a champagne style bottle.  I've always favored the look of these.  Much more elegant than some of the other shaped beer bottles out there.  I know, who cares what the packaging looks like.  The beer.  The pour produces a healthy head that has to be about three inches tall.  It shows great staying power and is made up of uniform sized bubbles.  The body looks just like the glass above.  Amber colored and clean.

The aroma brings first caramel and toffee.  Hidden a little behind that are some of the wood characteristics.  Vanilla and a touch of toast. 

First take upon this hitting my lips is rich caramel.  This melds together with the toffee aroma that was detected earlier.  Midway through, I'm getting the vanilla, along with almond and just a touch of dates.  It's finished up with a bit of bitterness and some of that char from the oak.  Big and malty, there isn't much being shown by hops here and that's just fine.  Not everything needs to be a hop-bomb.  Let this one warm up a bit, as you will get richer, fuller flavors the closer you get to cellar temperature. 

The mouthfeel is smooth and almost creamy.  Carbonation and a bit of a prick to the tongue.  I can't even imagine how incredibly drinkable this would be on cask.  Very easy drinking for a beer tipping the scales in double digit abv.

Overall, a really nice example of a wood aged lager.  There just aren't enough beers like this, and that's a big reason that the masses of craft beer enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards the ales.  More big, rich, complex lagers would certainly challenge that way of thinking.  Do yourself a favor and get yourself a couple bottles of this one.

*Photo courtesy of the Odell Brewing Company website.