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TTFest Redux: To Minnehaha and Beyond
Posted Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 by emerge

Where to start... Borrowedladder and I braved the rush hour traffic in Chicago to make it to TT's in Minny at a reasonable hour. We left around 4 and arrived at 11ish. Loaded up with plenty of supplies, once we got there the pork shoulder and brisket were just coming out of the oven :ohyeah: Realizing that setting up our tent in the dark would cut into precious drinking time, we opted to crash in the basement, aka the valley of snoring beasts... 

First beer of the night was Pineapple Exhaust (go big or go home). Woof. Then Bakes fell asleep. :old:

Around this time, Bob started ripping ass and it never let up. Deco posed with some encased meat, and we gorged ourselves on pulled pork and smoked sausage. Last beer of the night was Dark Lord, which got left out until morning somehow. 

In the morning we were treated to the breakfast stylings of Swagqueen, which was glorious. Smoked salmon, bacon & eggs, so good. 

Beers started off with Flower Child Berliner and EvilKeith lived up to his name with a Bolt Cutter. It had poured since the early morning, and some campers weren't so lucky. Keith was manning the mash paddle, dumping the excess water off of the main canopy. Howardf headed up a 9am b-double-e-double-r-u-n to Casanovas in the pouring rain. Golden Nugget growlers were acquired, as well as some Berliner. Chili was on the stove when we got back, and soon after the lambic brewing began in the garage. Borrowedladder and I made a saturday afternoon run for Surly and other locals at Blue Max & Heritage. I was happy to find some Olvalde Farm Rhubarb Saison and Indeed Daytripper, and Aaron found a rare Springbank. 

Shot of a few happy campers and the local wildlife:


Once we got back, the brisket was nearly gone, but I scooped up a couple of remaining slices, and it was so tasty. In the garage the brewing was finishing up, and there were about a dozen empty bottles of lambic on the table. Luckily I got to try some Upland Persimmon & Sour Reserve, thanks to Deco and Howard (I think). Around this time we had a little charcuterie-palooza, all the George's stuff got unloaded (suva govedina, kulen), and Howard busted out his spicy cannonballs. We were dipping tortilla chips in the chili, which was tasty and brought the heat. Later we grilled up a couple dozen cevapi (lamb/beef kebab sausages) which got scarfed up in 15 minutes or less. Late afternoon we started passing beers around outside, which lasted late into the night. The rain held off and it was a great night. Nightcap for me was some of TT's Citra pale ale and everyone played numerous rounds of Cards Against Humanity. I crashed out first and luckily didn't wake up with drawn penises on my face. :unsure:

The next morning, Deco opened a breakfast kriek, which in hindsight wasn't the best idea that early on an unsteady empty stomach. Everybody said their goodbyes early and we headed to Key's to load up on breakfast. On the way back we hit a few stores and apparently avoided some hail outside of Madison. 

All in all an excellent TBS Fest weekend, looking forward to the next one already...