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Music and Beer Fests ARE a way of life

2 days til Coachella, and I almost wore sock monkey slippers to work
Posted Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 by Naproxen

I didn't even notice how comfy and cute my feet were this morning until walking down the stairs to the front door:

Keepin' it classy

Why? My mind is in California, in the desert on a polo field partying til 5 AM.

This will be my 5th consecutive year going to Coachella.  What started as a girls reunion weekend back in '06 has turned into a yearly pilgrimage for me.  It is more than just the performances.  Camping in itself is a constant playground party from Thursday til Monday morning (a roller derby and pinball challenge are new this year), I will be dancing in the Do Lab at any given point of the day, and the art installations that come are on par with Burning Man (never been). 

Coachella has heard the cries of the inebriated this year, we can bring in beer and wine!!  Canned and boxed of course, so goodbye vodka filled water bottles.  I already stashed 6 cans of New England Brewing's Sea Hag, might be getting some new Ghandi Bot early to bring, and will stock up on Oskar Blues and Maui brewing at a Bev Mo. 

Back to camping, as the grounds open Thursday only for those camping for the weekend.  It has been a tradition of almost everyone to decorate their camp sites.  It is not just for fun, it provide function as well (locating your site at 3 AM while coming down from whatever, not easy).  This year I opted to represent CT the best way I can:

Never Forget

For $8 at Ocean State Job Lot, I got a Martha Stewart white canvas shower curtain, fabric paint, brushes, 2 other print shower curtains for side-shade on the canopy, and glow in the dark sticky stars.  I printed out a guide for myself for the logo and in the end I'll be flying this bad boy loud and proud:


I'm not sure what else I'll add to the flag, sometimes simplicity just looks better, but I'm open to suggestion.  I'm not even going balls to the wall here, there is one group that has made a teepee volcano, complete with fog machine for smoke, every year.  Hell last year to honor Sir Paul the group I camped with and I went all out with a Yellow Submarine theme:


The only thing that sucks, is that a week from now it will all be done for another year :(

HOWEVER.... the adventure does not end there.

San Diego will meet its match for a few days while I drink all the beer I can, Minneapolis gets to hang with us for a night, and then Dark Lord Day. 

Detox?  Rehab?  GTFO.