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The Beer Spot Blog - September 2010 Archives

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Great Taste Pre-Party Tentative Beer List
Posted Monday, July 26th, 2010 by Tip Top

Although nothing is for sure, we've got a good idea of what beers we'll have available at Brickhouse BBQ.  Mind you, this could change and more could be added or something could be unexpectedly taken off the list, here's what you will likely see on tap in addition to Brickhouse's always impressive tap list.

Central WatersCentral Waters kegs being tapped especially for the event...

Peruvian Morning - "A Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout made with freshly roasted Emy J's Coffee. This beer is as complex as it gets. Flavors of vanilla, tannins, and coffee meld together to create a flavor as deep as the ravines of the Peruvian Andes!"

Bourbon Barrel Barleywine - "Flavors of bourbon, malt, and hops meld quite good

Served at cellar temp like it should
Unified in one voice, Our fans can rejoice
Charlie now comes aged in wood!
** 2008 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner in the oak and barrel aged strong beer category **"

Bourbon Barrel Stout - "The brewery's most highly sought after beer, this imperial stout is aged to perfection in oak bourbon barrels. Look for this tasty treat to contain hints of bourbon and vanilla with roasted overtones that is sure to please any connoisseur's palate. Serve this beer at cellar temperature from a snifter glass, and enjoy this expression of our passion for brewing."

Illumination Double IPA - While there is no description for this one up on the brewery's website, I can tell you it's a big balanced Double IPA that's 9% abv.  Despite it's 108 IBUs, I find this to be well-balanced and quite drinkable.

ShortsShort's kegs being tapped for the event...

Huma Lupa Licious - "Named after the hop flower Humulus Lupulus, this best selling India pale ale style beer has enormous amounts of hops which really seems like a punch in the face.  Hop flowers from the numerous strains used in this recipe render a delicious bitter taste and enticing citrus aroma.  Flavors from a hearty malt bill meld with the hops to balance this ale and provide a ridiculous urge to sample more."

Hangin' Frank - "Ale hopped like IPA and drinks like a Pale Ale – Also know and a strong pale.  Unlike its un-identical twin brother, Stellar Ale, this hop monster employs more toasted grains and high alpha hops. Hops are the focus of this ale, but not to be undermined with a hearty malt base. Big hop aroma is followed by the cool refreshment of a toasted sourdough biscuit covered which is then covered with zesty citrus hop marmalade."

Agave Peach Wheat - There is no mention of this one on the Short's site, but it sounds like a nice easy drinking summer brew...

The Woodmaster - "High gravity brown ale brewed with earthwork maple syrup and toasted pecans."  You may have been lucky enough to try this one out of the bottle at the Great Taste the last couple of years.

[Update: 08/03] -> Well, I did say that this list could change.  Gone are Hangin' Frank, Agave Peach Wheat, and Woodmaster.  Welcome to Key Lime Pie, Good Humans, and Black Licorice Lager.

Remember, this beer list could change.  Also, sounds like Brickhouse has some nice surprises in store for people.  No matter what, this promises to be a great event with all sorts of great people to hang out with.  

Thanks again to Short's and Central Waters for working with us to get some great beers on tap and for Brickhouse BBQ for hosting and doing a lot of the behind the scenes work on this!



The Beer Spot's 2010 Great Taste Pre-Party Update - The Breweries
Posted Monday, July 12th, 2010 by Tip Top

TBSUpdating our announcement of the location of this year's Great Taste of the Midwest Pre-Party, I thought I would finally officially announce the breweries that we will be working with for this year's party.  Previously, we had worked with Surly and Founders.  This year, we decided to change it up a little.  Being a smaller site, we wanted to work with breweries that were a little smaller.  I was ecstatic that our first two choices both said that they would love to help out.

Central WatersWhen looking at the first brewery for our party this year, I wasn't only looking at a smaller brewery with great beers, but also a brewery that was close (sort of) to the Great Taste's location.  The logical choice was Central Waters.  Central Waters is a brewery that is highly regarded by the beer community, but especially by us here at The Beer Spot.  In my opinion, they make superb Barrel-Aged brews and excel in the darker side of ales.  Brickhouse will be offering at least 4 different beers from Central Waters.

ShortsThe other brewery working with us this year has been pushing the flavor profiles of beers for a while.  Short's Brewing knows no boundaries when it comes to what beer should taste like.  Key Lime beer? Check.  Bloody Mary beer? Check.  Peanut Butter and Jelly beer?  Check.  You never know what they will come up with next, and they seem to make these odd flavors work.  Add to that they have an IPA that could be the best made in Michigan (yes, I know that is a strong claim), and you have a brewery destined for greatness.  As of when I'm typing this, I have no idea what beers we'll have from Short's, but it looks like they will fill four tap lines as well.

All of the festivities at Brickhouse BBQ will start off at 6pm.  In addition to the breweries mentioned above, Brickhouse has been stashing away some other fun kegs for the party.  Their normal lineup is great, but the lineup on August 13th should be something to remember.  Come along, and meet up with all the people that you've come to know at The Beer Spot.


Announcing the First Beer Spot VIP Giveaway
Posted Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by Tip Top

For those of you who have already signed up for the VIP Membership here, you probably already know that we said we'd have occasional give aways for VIP Members.  For those of you that are not VIP Members yet, maybe this will convince you that the VIP membership is worth the money.  On Thursday, July 1st, we'll be doing our first drawing, with 5 people winning prizes.  Anyone that is a VIP Member on or before June 30th is eligible. 

The Great Taste of the Midwest is the biggest event for the site, so these are mostly based around that.

Details for VIP membership can be found here and you can sign up here.

On to the prizes...

Grand Prize
(2) Tickets to 2010 Great Taste of the Midwest, (2) TBS New Shirts, $75 Gift Card to Brickhouse BBQ

2nd Prize
(2)Tickets to 2010 Great Taste of the Midwest, (1) TBS Shirt, $25 Gift Card to Brickhouse BBQ

3rd Prize
(1) Ticket to 2010 Great Taste of the Midwest, (1) TBS Shirt

4th Prize
(1) Ticket to 2010 Great Taste of the Midwest,  (1) TBS Shirt

5th Prize
(1) TBS Shirt


2010 NHC Highlight, Rock Hoppers Brew Club
Posted Sunday, June 20th, 2010 by Tip Top

I had planned on just doing summaries of each day of the event, which I am already behind on, but then Club night changed my mind.  Someone really stood out. 

Last night, I figured I didn't want to start right inside the door.  I did a little walk to find a good place.  Someone using a randall as a fruit infuser, sounds good.

While that beer was good, I was intrigued seeing the beer that was added onto their list.  Written in was "Black Eis", and Eisbock.  Being a big fan of this underappreciated style, I knew I needed to try it.  Wow!  Great.  I continued on my way around the room, trying all sorts of beers.  Some were good, and some where not so good.  With an hour and a half left in my night, I found myself back at Rock Hoppers Brew Club, ready to try the rest of their beers.  Believe it or not, I was lucky enough to try my favorite beer of the fest on my first stop, so I had to stop back to see what else they had.


I look closer at their beer list, it was quite intriguing.  There was a whole list of Eis beers.  Imagine my shock when I saw the Urban UFO eis'd barleywine that weighed in at a heft 25% abv.  You'd think a beer like that would be all heat.  Not really.  It had all sorts of complex malty flavors that just swirled around on my tongue.  I wanted more.  That's when I decided to try every beer on the list.  Not one of these beers was something I wouldn't want in my fridge.  The only problem I saw with them was that they had nothing that was low alcohol.  I ended up staying by the booth for the last hour plus of the fest drinking 14% Eisbock and 25% Barleywine.  A good idea?  Maybe not, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Not being part of the homebrewing community, it was great to be able to see all the talent out there, and this group really stood out to me.  I'd love to visit a brewpub where these people were making the beer.  Check out their site at


2010 National Homebrewers Conference
Posted Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 by Tip Top

This year's National Homebrewers Conference is here in Minneapolis.  Even though I'm not a homebrewer, I wanted to take advantage of the rare opportunity to check it out without having to spend all the money associated with travel.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to take all of Thursday and Friday off, so what I will be able to check out and report back on might be a little limited.  Feel free to let me know the things you really want to know about.  You can check out the conference schedule here.

Having such limited time, I figured I should stop by today, before any of the events start taking place, to pick up my pass and check things out a bit.  Once I got upstairs to where the event was taking place, it was obvious where to go to get registered.  There was a big line for A-L.  Apparently, no homebrewers checking in today have last names starting M or after.  Even though the line was long, it moved quickly.  I got my stuff, and was told to grab a bag, a program, a glass, and a beer and either a cider or a mead.  Free bottles!?!  Hell yeah.

There was only a little set up in the hallway there.  I checked out the stuff for sale, the one display, and picked out my beer and mead.  I picked the bottles differently than I normally would, which would likely be by style.  I picked them by names I recognized.  Both were local, as I'm not up on the homebrewing scene in other places.  I picked a mead made with Orange Blossom Honey and Rhubarb brewed by Kris England, and Saison DeFletty, brewed by Steve Fletty.  I'm drinking the Saison DuFletty, and I must say it's quite nice. 

At the conference, there were three beers from Flat Earth on tap that I hadn't tried before, all presented with the ingredients used, in particular the yeast, and some more technical statistics on the yeast.  The "Berliner" was good, although not tart as I was hoping.  Kolsch was also tasty.

Everything was well run and friendly, and I look forward to checking out more of the conference tomorrow.


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