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Style: Mead
Style Information
Mead is a drink made from fermented honey. This gives a somewhat sweet aroma and flavor to the drink. Overall, however, the sweetness generally does not overpower the sharpness of the alcohol. Some brewers also use specific types of honey made from specific flowers and bees to impart subtle flavor differences. The ABV for mead can vary widely. In examples with a high ABV, the alcohol will be very notable in both aroma and flavor.

From the website:

"An often-misunderstood drink, mead or traditional mead in its pure form is a beverage made from honey fermented with water. If it contains any other flavorings or coloring additives such as fruit, herbs, or spices then it is not a true Mead - it is called something else (see list below). Mead's alcohol potency by volume is characteristically similar to grape wine, but sometimes less and sometimes as high as Port. Because honey is equated to sweetness those who never had Mead might think it is cloyingly sweet, however depending on how it is made, Mead can be a very dry elegant drink, sweeter than dessert wines, or anything in between.

Mead’s flavor and aroma come from the type of honey that is used and to a lesser extent by the type of yeast used, and if the Mead is aged in oak or other wood casks. However, these flavors and aromas should never overpower the wonderful properties of the honey used.

Traditional Mead made from quality honey (especially from a single flower source) needs nothing else added; it speaks for itself and does so quite decisively and yet eloquently - just as a Cabernet Sauvignon does, just as Viognier does. Celebrated single grape wines do not need herbs, other fruits, or spices, and neither does a well-made Mead, in my opinion of course!"

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