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Style: Keller Bier / Zwickel Bier
Style Information
Kellerbier or Zwickelbier are unfiltered and unpasteurized versions of German beers (usually a lager). The name "Kellerbier" translates from German as "cellar beer". Traditional Kellerbiers are unfiltered and not fully lagered versions of German lagers. The color varies depending on the base style. The aroma and flavor should have a notable amount of bready yeast notes, along with the tones originally from the base style. More modern versions of Kellerbiers are merely unfiltered versions of other lagers. They are fully lagered, and have all the characteristics of the base style. ABV and IBUs vary depending on the base style.

From Wikipedia:

"In comparison with most of the today's beer sorts, this kind of beer contains more of its original yeast and more of the valuable nutritional substances. It is often served directly from the barrel (for example, in a beer garden) or bottled. In Germany this beer is described by manufacturers as naturtrüb (naturally cloudy)."

Recommend glassware for this style
Mug Typically very heavy and sturdy. A mug (or stein) is most commonly made of glass or stoneware. Traditionally German, one advantage is clinking glasses together without worrying about breaking th... [more]
Pint Glass Pint glasses are what most people recognize as a typical beer glass. There are actually three different types of pint glasses - shaker pints, nonic pints and tulip pints.

The shaker ... [more]

Top Consumed Keller Bier / Zwickel Bier
1. Zwickel by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company37
2. Yokel by New Glarus Brewing Company12
3. Lager by Dovetail Brewery3
4. Kellerbier by Brauerei Sünner2
5. Zwickl by Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH1
6. Summer Teeth by Columbus Brewing Company1
7. Luchesa by Oasis Texas Brewing1
8. Aktien Zwick'l Kellerbier by Bayreuther Bierbrauerei AG1
9. Zwickel by New Glarus Brewing Company1
10. PILZILLA by Voodoo Brewing Company1

Top Reviews Keller Bier / Zwickel Bier
 BeerAvg Score
1. Zwickel by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company86
2. PILZILLA by Voodoo Brewing Company83
3. Yokel by New Glarus Brewing Company79
4. Zwickel by New Glarus Brewing Company78
5. Broken Window by Central Waters Brewing Company70