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Style: Irish Dry Stout
Style Information
The Irish Dry Stout is most famously associated with Guinness. The color is very dark to almost black. Additionally, the visual impact of the beer is enhanced by the retention of a thick and rich foam head. The aroma should have somewhat muted, but still notable, tones of roasted grains, with rye or barley being particularly notable. There can also be a slightly less notable coffee aroma. Hop notes should not be present. The taste should follow the aroma, with roasted grains (rye) notable, as well as a slight coffee-like bitterness. Hop flavors should not be notable. The feel should medium in body, possibly somewhat thin compared to other stouts. ABV should be between 3.8% to 5%. IBUs should be somewhat low at 30 to 40.

Recommend glassware for this style
Goblet A goblet (or chalice) is a large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glass. The distinction between goblet and chalice is typically in the glass thickness. Goblets tend to be more delicate and thin, while the ... [more]
Pint Glass Pint glasses are what most people recognize as a typical beer glass. There are actually three different types of pint glasses - shaker pints, nonic pints and tulip pints.

The shaker ... [more]
Snifter Typically used for serving brandy and cognac, a snifter is ideal for capturing the volatiles of aromatic beers, such as Belgian ales, India Pale Ales, barleywines and wheat wines. The shape helps... [more]

Top Consumed Irish Dry Stout
1. Guinness Draught by Guinness Ltd.27
2. Black Sun Stout by Three Floyds Brewing LLC16
3. Uncle Steve's Irish Stout by Short's Brewing Company11
4. O'Hara's Stout by Carlow Brewing Company10
5. Murphys Irish Stout by Magor (InBev UK - InBev)9
6. Out Of Bounds Stout by Avery Brewing Company8
7. Back Hand of God by Crannog Ales6
8. Ring of Dingle by Sun King Brewing Company5
9. Little Davey Totes by Half Acre Beer Company4
10. Black Cat Stout by Portsmouth Brewery3

Top Reviews Irish Dry Stout
 BeerAvg Score
1. Back Hand of God by Crannog Ales87
2. O'Hara's Stout by Carlow Brewing Company86
3. Old #38 Stout by North Coast Brewing Co.82
4. Three Feet Deep by Furthermore Beer, Inc80
5. Dark Starr Stout by Starr Hill Brewery80
6. Quilter's Irish Death by Iron Horse Brewery (WA)78
7. Black Cat Stout by Portsmouth Brewery78
8. Black Sun Stout by Three Floyds Brewing LLC76
9. Irish Dry Stout by Moylan's Brewery76
10. Murphys Irish Stout by Magor (InBev UK - InBev)76