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Style: Gratzer
Style Information
Also known as "Grodziskie", the Gratzer is a Polish beer made with smoked malts. It has a clear and light golden color and high carbonation, to the point of nearly champagne level carbonation. It is also marked by low alcohol content, as well as low hop bitterness. Given the use of smoked malts, there is a strong smoke flavor and aroma. The taste is light a crisp. In Polish traditions, this beer has typically been used for special occasions.

From Wikipedia:
"The beer was originally produced by brewers in the town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski in the 14th or 15th century. Strict regulations regarding the quality of the beer were established by the local brewers' guild, and helped it develop a good reputation in the surrounding cities and neighboring countries. At the peak of its fame, it was exported to 37 countries and was regarded as an exceptionally good beer. The brewing industry in the town flourished. After the Second World War, beer production was nationalized, and the beer entered a period of decline under the Communist government of Poland. By 1993, the last brewery that was producing the style was shut down. After a period of years when the style was not available from any commercial brewers, several breweries began producing seasonal or year-round recreations of the historic style, spurred by interest in the style from the homebrewing community around the world."

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