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Style: Flanders Oud Bruin
Style Information
Flanders Brown Ale, or Oud Bruin (translates to "old brown" in Flemish), originates from the Flemish region in Belgium. The Flemish name refers to the long aging this beer gets, often up to a year. This is followed up with several months of bottle aging. This process, along with the yeast strains used, gives the style its distinctive sour taste. The aging process can be done in oak barrels, but is not necessary for the style.

The color should be dark copper to red-brown. The aroma is a complex combination of sharp fruit esters, with dark fruits and sour cherry evident. The acidity of the sour tones also stands out. Hop aroma should be nonexistent. The taste is a contrast of sweet and sour, with acidity, sour cherry, sweet fruits and caramel. As with the aroma, the taste should show virtually no hop bitterness. Malt tastes often balance the sourness somewhat. But the tartness of the style is the focus. The feel should be medium bodied, and the sourness should stick around for a little while. ABV is generally 4.8% to 5.2%. IBUs should be minimal at 15 to 25.

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Top Consumed Flanders Oud Bruin
1. La Folie Wood Aged Beer by New Belgium Brewing Inc.57
2. Red Poppy Ale by The Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Company37
3. Madame Rose by Goose Island21
4. Oude Tart by The Bruery18
5. Thumbprint Oud Bruin by New Glarus Brewing Company10
6. The Meddler by Odell Brewing Company9
7. Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale by Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.9
8. Bellegems Bruin by Brouwerij Bockor N.V.7
9. Zuur by Brewery Ommegang7
10. Goudenband by Brouwerij Liefmans6

Top Reviews Flanders Oud Bruin
 BeerAvg Score
1. Le Serpent Cerise by Snake River Brewing Company & Brewpub90
2. Goudenband by Brouwerij Liefmans88
3. Oerbier Special Reserva 2004 (Bottled 2005) by Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers88
4. La Folie Wood Aged Beer by New Belgium Brewing Inc.87
5. Red Poppy Ale by The Lost Abbey / Port Brewing Company84
6. Oerbier Special Reserva 2007 (Bottled 2008) by Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers84
7. Staveyard Framboise by Off Color Brewing82
8. Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale by Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.80
9. Unplugged Sour Brown Ale by New Glarus Brewing Company78
10. Madame Rose by Goose Island74