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Style: English Porter
Style Information
The English Porter has a history dating back to 1721, when it was first mentioned. The color of the English Porter should range from light brown to dark brown, almost black. The aroma should have a strong malt presence, with notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted grains. The taste should focus on the malts, with roasted malts, toffee, caramel and nutty tones present. Other flavors may include coffee, bready yeast and toasted rye bread. Hop presence in both aroma and flavor should be minimal. The feel should be medium bodied. ABV ranges from 4% to 5.4%. IBUs should range from 18 to 35.

Some history from Wikipedia:

"In 1802, a writer named John Feltham wrote a version of the history of porter that has been used as the basis for most writings on the topic. However, very little of Feltham's story is backed up by contemporary evidence. His account is based upon a letter written by Obadiah Poundage (who had worked for decades in the London brewing trade) in the 1760s. Unfortunately, Feltham badly misinterpreted parts of the text, mainly due to his unfamiliarity with 18th century brewing terminology. Feltham claimed that in 18th century London a popular beverage called "three threads" was made consisting of a third of a pint each of ale, beer and twopenny (the strongest beer, costing tuppence a quart). About 1730, Feltham said, a brewer called Harwood made a single beer called Entire which recreated the flavour of "three threads", and which became known as "porter".

Porter is actually mentioned as early as 1721, but no writer before Feltham says it was made to replicate "three threads". Instead, it seems to be a more-aged development of the brown beers already being made in London. Before 1700, London brewers sent out their beer very young and any aging was either performed by the publican or a dealer. Porter was the first beer to be aged at the brewery and despatched in a condition fit to be drunk immediately. It was the first beer that could be made on any large scale..."

Recommend glassware for this style
Goblet A goblet (or chalice) is a large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glass. The distinction between goblet and chalice is typically in the glass thickness. Goblets tend to be more delicate and thin, while the ... [more]
Pint Glass Pint glasses are what most people recognize as a typical beer glass. There are actually three different types of pint glasses - shaker pints, nonic pints and tulip pints.

The shaker ... [more]

Top Consumed English Porter
1. Unplugged Old English Porter by New Glarus Brewing Company37
2. Pig's Ass Porter by Harvest Moon Brewing Co12
3. London Porter by Fuller Smith & Turner PLC7
4. Death By Coconut by Oskar Blues Grill & Brewery7
5. Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter by Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)4
6. Cygnus X-1 by Flat Earth Brewing Company4
7. Bob's Old 15-B by New Albanian Brewing Co - Bank Street Brewhouse4
8. Contorter by Ale Asylum4
9. by Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen4
10. Black Jack Porter by Left Hand Brewing Company3

Top Reviews English Porter
 BeerAvg Score
1. Manchester Star Ale by J.W. Lees & Co (Brewers) Ltd90
2. God Jul by Nøgne Ø - det kompromissløse bryggeri88
3. Old Engine Oil Engineer's Reserve Blackest Ale by Harviestoun Brewery Ltd.86
4. Unplugged Old English Porter by New Glarus Brewing Company83
5. Cygnus X-1 by Flat Earth Brewing Company82
6. The Trees by Flat Earth Brewing Company82
7. Starman Porter by Flat Earth Brewing Company82
8. Export India Porter by The Kernel Brewery82
9. Coffee Porter by Meantime Brewing Company Limited81
10. Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter by Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)80